Happy New Year 2010? Or, More Hope and Change?

2009 at a glance

  • New president takes office
  • Bailouts continue
  • President signs new executive orders
  • Recycles ex-Clinton cabinet
  • Appoints tax cheat Turbo Tax Timothy Geithner
  • Appoints more Czars than any other president before, among them a few socialist and admirers of communist dictator Fidel Castro
  • President goes on European apology tour
  • Signs new spending bill for shovel ready projects
  • President breaks  first promise of not raising taxes on individuals making less then $90,000.00 with cigarette tax
  • Cap and trade legislation passes Congress, Health Reform gets heated
  • Americans across the  nation begin organizing in protest, and are referred to as tea baggers by the left wing media
  • Our elected U.S. representatives & senators begin having town hall meetings and refuse to listen
  • President promises to close Gitmo. Also, terrorists now have Miranda rights
  • Terrorist shooting at Ft. Hood, Americans die, and our president gives a shout-out
  • President flies over to Europe to bring Olympics to Chicago & fails
  • President wins the Nobel peace award and he also wonders for what
  • Republican Rep. Ron Paul introduces bill to audit the Fed- reserve and has over 300 co-sponsors
  • The left wing media begins questioning the President
  • President breaks another promise: sends more troops to Afghanistan
  • Republicans win big in two governor’s race: New Jersey and Virginia
  • E-mails of climate gate exposes this fraud religion called global warming, or since it has been cold this past year climate change
  • Health care reform legislation gets rammed through congress & at the wee hours of  Christmas eve through the senate
  • After  Christmas terrorist attacks stopped! Or just another ploy to take more of our freedoms away?

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