Chapter 7 Bankruptcy hits 1.41 million in 2009 up 32% from 2008

Our president tells us of  the 600,000 plus jobs created or saved by the actions taken by his administration, yet personnel bankruptcy hit its highest mark since 2005 when the law was changed to make it more difficult for people to shed their debts.

Unemployment hits a high of  10.2 % in 2009  we are told. Even though the numbers where much higher, example those who are self-employed are not counted in the numbers even if they are un-employed unless they  had un-employment insurance. The same as the ones who’s extension has run out.

Companies are laying off fewer workers but they’re aren’t hiring. The  private sector  average salary is around $41-42,000.00 a year.  While the federal government is around $71-72,000.00 a year and are also the biggest employer at the moment. I find  this seriously troubling!

Folks pay attention, before it’s to late and we no longer have a country   that is any resembles to the country we grew up in and called our home.


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