Al Gore’s Inconvient Truth Global Warming / Climate Change Nonsense

I hope Al Gore is re-thinking this whole nonsense of a religion called global warming, but wait its to cold! So lets call it climate change. This new found religion he’s been preaching has worked out well for him. A Grammy, an Oscar, and the Nobel Peace Prize, and most importantly like any good t.v.  evangelist a whole lot of money in his bank account.

It is said that since leaving office Gore is now worth close to a billion dollars. Now it’s great that he has been able to carve this niche for himself.  I’m all for capitalism the only problem is  this is going to cost the American tax payer trillions of dollars if they are able to pass cap-and-trade.

In addition to the cost it will take away more of our freedom and continue to swipe away at our liberties. See the nonsense below:

  • Taxed on the air you exhale
  • If you still drive an SUV forget about it
  • Animal lovers  your dog has the same carbon foot print as your SUV
  • Big plasma t.v. another no-no
  • You drive a black vehicle, think again
  • Pro-life and believe children are a gift from GOD, not if they get their way. They were applauding China’s one child policy in Copenhagen

This is a small sampling of the nonsense that they preach. Yet what I fear the most is when they start controlling how much electricity we can consume. This is a tactic that  has worked well for communist dictator Fidel  Castro in Cuba. If they control the electricity they will have tighter control on what we watch as well as our use of the internet.  Also keep an eye on this so-called “Fairness Doctrine”

I’m all for being a wise steward of what GOD has given us, and yes we should take care of our environment and not pollute.  When we hear that the science is in, we must ask “what science and who are these scientist”  Like climate gate revealed we are not being told the truth and not in  any way are all scientist in agreement with this religion called ” Global Warming”

Read the headlines from any news publication in the U.S. as well from over sea and they are all reporting the same, coldest temperatures in the last couple of decades. More snow then they seen in some instances in 25 years.  In my neck of  the wood South Florida we were in the 30’s last night. It hasn’t been this cold since Jan. 1984.


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