Florida’s U.S. Republican Senate race is heating up

Governor Charlie Crist is in a hot race for the Republican party nomination against Florida State House of Representative Marco Rubio.  Although Crist is better financed and has nation wide name recognition, Marco Rubio is running neck to neck polling 43% each in state wide polls.

Marco Rubio has gained support from the top conservatives like George Will and Pat Buchanan. This race between Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio should be interesting, Floridians will have the opportunity to vote for a true conservative in Rubio and a stand for nothing will go along with what is popular to get me elected so-called moderate Charlie Crist.

As congressional race in New York proved one thing is, that conservative are not going to buy the republican lie any more. They will back a conservative un-known like Hoffman over a liberal or in better politically correct words moderate even if  it means that they risk losing a seat.

By the way I view what Hoffman an un-known three weeks prior to election day did as a victory for the conservatives and a big defeat for the stand for nothing leadership of the republican party. And democrats don’t see this as a victory, I would be extremely worried if I was in your shoes your party is going to come to a rude awakening come this November.


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