What is wrong with America?

Our career politicians are out of control! We the American voters continue to re-elect these scoundrels over and over again. The majority of the voters pay more attention to Hollywood gossip than to the people they continue to entrust not only their livelihood, but also that of their children. We have individuals that have served for over 40 years in congress; that is insanity

Since George Bush the elder, to Clinton, Bush Jr., and now to Obama, it has been one bad mistake after another:

  • Bush the elder:   Iraq Gulf War. Who can forget his famous quotes “we are now entering a New World Order” or “read my lips: no new taxes” as well as the saving and loans bailout.
  • Clinton: Wow, where do we begin? So many scandals, pardons, Monica, or “it all depends what is, is.”   Till this day a generation of kids have grown up thinking that oral sex is not really sex.  Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Elian Gonzalez fiasco. My biggest beef with him is NAFTA  and the most favored nation treaty with China which he signed into law that has been the most detrimental act that has hurt small businesses as well as good paying manufacturing jobs for the American worker.
  • Bush  Jr.: This guy screwed up big time and I do blame him for what we are now experiencing. From pissing off a nation to the point in which they would vote for anything so long as it was not a republican.  So Barack Hussein Obama is a gift to us from George Bush. In 2002 or 03 legislation was passed on SUV’s to allow tax payers to write them off  on their taxes. What followed later was $4.15 a gallon gas. Bankruptcy law was changed in 2005 to make it more difficult for those seeking protection under the law. Housing bubble makes real estate prices hit the roof.  Anyone  can  now qualify for a mortgage with zero down and  money back in their pockets at the closing. Folks tapping into their equity, many people flipping property, home prices rises on paper, well you all know the rest of the story. Bush says in an interview that it would be easier to get things done if he was a dictator. Then when asked about Osama Bin Laden, he replied that he really doesn’t know or care. What a sad excuse of a president.
  • Obama: Hope and Change what a cruel joke! Madison Avenue marketed him as the best thing that ever happened to America and the world. The new Messiah, young, smart, articulate, intelligent, charismatic, the best thing ever. After almost a year of Mr. Hope and Change, all we have is a bankrupt nation with a big printing press. Creating a debt that our children grand children will be paying for. Another idiot like the previous one. If you would have been paying attention during the debates, you would have notice that if this guy doesn’t have the material written for him and three teleprompters in front of him he just as bad if not worst then the sorry joke we had in Bush. This was Obama during the debates when asked unrehearsed questions. Um, um, um, silence stuttering then incoherent words . He was the weakest debater from the Democratic party he sounded stupid compared to the rest of the people up on stage next to him. Yet the propaganda media what we called the news, kept pushing him and covering him in his well prepared pep rallies in which he repeated the same nonsense over and over again. “Yes we can, yes we can.” Remember the time he said he had finished visiting all 54 states, can you imagine if Sarah Palin would have said something as stupid as that what the propaganda news would of  said! This guy all he does is apologize for America, please tell me if America is such a terrible country to live in how come we have so many illegal immigrants here? When was the last time you saw people flock in large numbers to countries like Russia, China, Cuba, or any other place? Never! They say how smart he is because he has an under graduate degree from Columbia University and a Law degree from Harvard so what! The idiot Bush has an under graduate degree from Yale and a Masters in Business from Harvard and look what he did to our country in eight years. The man who during the elections gave Chris Mathews a chill up his leg, is a sad and another cruel joke for America. Please someone wake me up from this terrible nightmare I am having!

Two foolish wars, countless numbers of  brave young American soldiers  fighting bravely defending our freedoms doing three and four tours of duty, for what? Bring our soldiers home, have them protect our borders here at home!


2 Responses

  1. Bravo! Well done.

    I do disagree with you on one point, however: These politicians are NOT incompetent nincompoops. They know EXACTLY what they are doing: Ushering in the New World Order, step by step.

  2. My friend you are correct, that is the reason we all have to do what ever we can to awaken the masses. We the people have to take our country back. If we can awaken one person at a time it’s a start. We just have to continue to voice our opinions and hope that it will land on fertile soil.

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