Pound For Pound The Top Three

Who are the best three pound four pound fighters in the world? My pick would be as follows:

1. Manny Pacquiao      2. Sergio Martinez      3. Juan M. Marquez

Manny Pacquiao wow what a fighter! This little man is tough, he throws so many punches and is constantly on the attack. He is un-believable. His fight with De La Hoya, was spectacular. He destroyed Rickey Hatton,  I thought he was dead after he fell to the canvas. His last fight with Miguel Cotto was another fight in which Pacquiao just demolished his opponent.

Cotto is an excellent fighter his only previous loss was to Antonio Margarito. After Margarito’s T.K.O. at the hands of Shane Mosley a fighter who Cotto had beaten. Margarito got suspended from boxing in the U.S. for one year for illegally wrapping his fist. We can then begin to appreciate what a great fighter Pacquiao really is. He gave more damage to Cotto then Margarito who used plaster of paris on his wrapping!

Lets not forget the two great fights between Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. Those two fights will probably go down in the all time great fights.

Sergio Martinez, wow another great fighter. The Argentine fighting out Spain who now has relocated to California is awesome. A smart fighter quick fisted, good counter puncher, goes to the body picks his punches and has an excellent chin. He also has the power to knock you out.

He has been the victim of two bad decisions in 2009. He decked Kirmit Cintron twice in their bout, out boxed him and made a mess of his face. The judges gave it a draw. One lousy decision.

Then he takes on Paul Williams in the 160 LB. division, a fighter that no one wants to fight. Kelly Pavlik had postponed twice. He gives Williams a beating in a fight that will most likely be one of the top three fight of 2009 and again for the second time in a year they rob the victory from him. This fight was a close fight, but never the less Sergio Martinez was robbed!

Juan Manuel Marquez a great boxer! His two memorable fights with Pacquiao. Who could forget the fight in which Manny puts him down three times in the first round only to then find himself going down to the canvas in the fifth. Those were two great fights and the toughest opponent that Manny has faced to date.

His fight with Floyd Mayweather was a good fight. I didn’t see the fight like the way the commentators or judges viewed it. It was a very close fight into the ninth round. Mayweather landed a flash knockdown. Marquez ran into a straight jab, he went down and got right up again. The last four rounds of the fight Mayweather was landing all his jabs smack on Marquez face. Which won him the fight.

Never the less Mayweather didn’t make the original weight and he was obviously the bigger and stronger of the two. Marquez being the fighter that he is took the fight any ways.


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  1. wow, this is really a guy thing. hahah

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