Grandma Wrongfully Jailed For Driving

In South Florida an elderly 78  year old lady gets arrested for driving with a suspended license and is jailed for two weeks. The only problem is her license wasn’t suspended after all!

This kind of nonsense happens all the time! In south Fl. Our local government is out of control. The real criminals are the ones in charge. America wake up! Our freedoms are being taken from us day by day. We are now living in a police state. We use to criticize the former Soviet Union, yet the land of the free and home of the brave is being held hostage f0r  a long time.

Every street corner has cameras, “it’s for our protection” they tell us. Give me a break it’s about the New world Order that is running every aspect of our lives. What are they doing with all the images that these cameras are taking? Who has access to them? Who do they share these images with?

All around the U.S things like this happen, while the real crooks are too big to fail and get bailed out with tax payers money. We have a treasury secretary that is a tax cheat, Timothy Geithner. The one in charge of writing our tax laws Charlie Rangel forgets to report income on water front property in the Dominican Republic.

The House and Senate doesn’t listen to the will of the people. They hide in the wee hour of the night passing legislation that is only benefiting the Global Corps. the N.W.O. Our rights as citizen continue to erode. They tell us that it’s “for our protection”, yea right.

To get elected into office all you need is either to be extremely wealthy or well-connected. We have people in congress that have served for as much as 44 years, this is insanity. We the people better start either paying better attention or running for office our selves, because if this continues for get about the terrorist from abroad. We are being destroyed from within our own country.

Let’s stop playing politics, the Republicans and Democrats are controlled by the same. That is why it doesn’t matter if we continue to vote for these same scoundrel based on name recognition from either party. The N.W.O controls them both. Wake up America!


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