Obama On The C-SPAN Lie, More Broken Promises

Is there no shame with President Obama? After campaigning on reform and open government our beloved president is fitting right in with the old school of politics as usual that he so vehemently campaigned against.

While on the campaign trail he spoke on health reform and how he wouldn’t do the same as the Clinton’s did behind close door. Never the less that is exactly what he doing.

The health care reform that is being rammed down our throats by the Democrats is only going to benefit the insurance industry. By rewarding them with an additional 30 million new customers. This bill is not going to help the American tax payer.

Isn’t interesting that Progressives  Democrat Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) and Socialist Independent Bernie Sanders (Vermont) who both voted against the Bailouts. Both oppose this bill. Kucinich voted against it in the House, Sander acknowledged that this legislation would benefit the insurance industry, but voted for it because he felt that it was better then not doing anything.

If we really want reform why not allow all insurance companies that want a piece of the action to compete across state lines. With the condition that they have to accept pre-existing conditions and people can’t be drop at a later date or have their premium sky rocket if their health worsen. Also stop the abuses of  frivolous law suits.

Bring down the cost of malpractice insurance. If  a doctor screws up, yes award the patient for the doctors negligence.  Just don’t allow the  crooked lawyers who along with the insurance companies are messing everything up for everyone.

Get the bureaucrats and Insurance companies out of the way of the  doctor patient relation. It should be the doctors who decide what procedures will best suit their patients. And do not in any way allow coverage to illegal immigrants  in anyway under this legislation

President Obama is proving that Old Washington school of politics is no match for  his   Chicago style of  politics.  He has managed to transform this country with his Democrats in the House and Senate in less then one year into a country in which it’s citizens feel hopeless and in despair.

With the exception of the power Elite in Washington, Wall Street, and our propaganda media. Everyone else seems to think  that our economy is in the tank. The report last week showed the jobless rate held steady in  December at 10%. Yet in the construction industry they reported 22.6 % un-employment

I find this troubling. Private sector jobs non-existing while government continues to grow. This is up side down it isn’t suppose to work this way.


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