Glenn Beck Interviews, Sarah Palin

It’s official Sarah Palin will now be part of the Fox News family.  All we need now is Lou Dobbs  Mr. Independent to make it fair and balance. Trust me he will be joining them soon.

Sarah Palin the most hated conservative women in America. The left loves to tear her down. They fear her tremendously, and they can’t stop talking about her. They love to criticize her and her children something that they don’t do to any other political figure.

From the left wing media to the late night talk shows to Saturday night live. They just can’t get enough of her.

Since coming out of nowhere and giving a good speech after accepting the vice presidential spot on the republican ticket in 2008,  Sarah Palin  over night became a hit with regular Americans who call themselves conservatives. Mostly with working class and small business owners who are the  back bone of America and still hold on to the traditional family values that have made America the greatest nation known to man.

The Progressives hate her because she is for real, not a phony person that looks good on paper but when it comes down to it they’re nothing more then an empty suit. Case in point, President Obama.

The reason the 2008 elections wasn’t a complete blowout was because Sarah Palin brought along with her good looks a breath of fresh air that was needed to mobilize the conservatives.

The elite left as well as the Republican left fear and hate her. This was evident when the established leadership of the republican party would make attacks on  her. All this has done is given her name recognition that she didn’t have prior too.

She would not have been my  first choice for president or vice president, yet she has whole lot more experienced then our Hope and Change President Obama. The moment you see the established media go after someone and attempt to discredit them the way they did is because she is not part of the Elites who are tearing down this country so they can line their bank accounts while in the process destroying America.

I’m sure Sarah Palin will be today’s talking point for MSNBC, since they don’t have much of  an audience these days. Even the the extreme left has been calling out our Hope and Change President on all his too many lies. Since all they do these days  is the same that Fox News did when Bush was in office. Things like that turns people off .  Now even their loyal viewers  realize that on top of  being lied to by our beloved Hope and Change President Obama, as well as other elected officials, then we have to hear the nonsense that is reported as facts.


2 Responses

  1. The Tea Party would be a respected movement if it wasn’t lead by a bunch of birthers and Republicans that only attract the base. Sarah ” I don’t know my head from my a$$” Palin is ideal to lead these rallies. Consequentially, the Tea Parties will not help the Republicans much in 2010 and less in 2012. The base is not what the American people will vote for.
    The premise or the idea of the Tea Party is great but how can anyone affiliate themselves with the likes of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. It is insulting to anyone with half a brain to have to listen to these two people. I won’t mention their lack of education (but I did) or their suicidal tendencies (Beck). Are these the folks you want leading your country? Unfortunately, folks who want to be informed will have to listen to their dribble only to dismiss their crazy ideas.
    The mere fact that you mention Mel Gibson is also insulting. I don’t want to hear his hate for the Jews, intoxicated or not. You compare him to Chris Matthews, why? Why don’t you quote Matthews hate for any type of individual? That would be a true comparison, yet you bring up Gibson who said hateful things. Again, why would you defend such a man?
    Is this hypocritical: Rush can say “retard” but Rahm Emmanuel should be fired. The Republicans need to find a leader for this country instead of the folks who just spew hate every time they speak. If you are fine living in an America that hates so much, I feel for you. That is not the America I want to live in. People can be civil and respectful.
    Great link (2 minute video):
    PS: Teleprompters are bad but writing something in your palm is great. President Reagan was the King of the teleprompter and gave amazing speeches yet you criticize Obama. Hypocrisy?

    • As to Beck, he has the highest cable rated program on his time slot. His rating at 5 oclock does better then Sholtz,Olberman, and Maddow combined on many nights. Just because you don’t agree with Beck doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of Americans that do. Palin is for real, she is a loose canon, that is why the left fears her. They like the republican party can’t control her as of yet!
      Mel Gibson, who cares what he says? I don’t! The same way I don’t care what Sean Penn or Danny Glover have to say. I don’t agree with their politics, but I’m no one to sensor them. This is America, and we still have freedom of speech. In addition to, they aren’t the ones that are making policies that are affecting my or my families life. Matthews is a whole differnt story, he is political, he open game. He lets is views be known and he has the right to them, whether I agree with him or not. The same way those on the right have the same right also.
      As too the remark that Rush made about ” retard” you seriously have start viewing other new source. Rush was making a statement about what Rahm Emmanuel had said. Even before making the comment, he predicted that the left would attack him the way you just did.
      As to the republicans not going to gain any ground in 2010 or 2012? You must be kidding! If a republican can win the Senate seat in one of the most liberal states in the U.S. where democrat are the majority party, what does that say to you? To me, it tells me that the democrats are also upset with the policies they see Obama and the democratic party taking this nation.
      Party politics is what is killing our country, people want changes, just not the type that is being rammed down our throats these days. We have to wake up and realize that the puppet masters, use the left against the right and visa versa to their ultimate gain. Which it’s to control and enslave us period! These are my thoughts as to the way I see politics in America today. Think about what I said and don’t allow yourself to be used by either party, vote for what is best for America!

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