Democrats Will Stop At No End Trying To Ram Health Care Reform Down Our Throats

Democrats worried about Tuesday Jan. 19th special election to choose a new senator for Massachusetts to replace the seat that was vacated after Ted Kennedy’s passing.  Dem. Martha Coakley who was expected to win easily over Rep. Scott Brown, finds herself trailing by 4 points in the latest poll. If Scott Brown wins or comes close to winning this will be a major victory for the Tea Party Movement. And Democrats should then be worried about November elections.

Friday afternoon the Democrats where rushing to complete the details for health care reform legislation while they still have the 60 votes in the senate.

Ed Schultz the Progressive on his show seemed rather concerned on Friday. That if they the Democrats  lose the special elections on Tuesday, it could be the end to not only to health care reform but put a stop to the transformation that our country is going through! Wow!!

Those are my exact prayers, that this Hope and Change nonsense fails! I don’t like the transformation my country is going through since the Patriot Act was placed into law. I see our liberties and freedoms being taken away in the middle of the night by our elected official that aren’t paying attention to ” We the People” but their “New World Order” agenda which is who they report and account too.

Today I read that even if they lose the seat in Massachusetts, they can still pass the health care reform by using the process called reconciliation. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, Said, ” that even before this race they were planning on using reconciliation  in getting health care reform.”

Van Hollen also expects Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley to win in Massachusetts. Although she is trailing by 4 points.  While polls show opposition to the legislation — a Quinnipiac University survey also found that 58 percent of Americans opposing the way  “Our Hope ad Change” President Obama is handling health Care Reform.


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