President Obama On Proposed Tax On Banks

This sounds good, but what bothers me the most is that Our Hope and Change  President Obama talks a good game but he doesn’t do the walk. Example, who in their right mind can disagree that the banks abuses and lack of oversight were not the cause of the problem we now find ourselves in as a nation!

Now what he loves to mention is the mess that idiot Bush left our country with, but he forget to say that he has also done the same. Why not let these Global Institutions Fail? They are American  in name only! They don’t answer  to “We the People” they answer to the “New World Order.”.

I hate the excuse, “that if they hadn’t bail them out the country would have  gone into a depression. ” Guess what we bail them out with our money and our grand children will be paying for it.” Look around the only ones doing well are the Wall Street Banks that got bailout. Regular America, you know main street where everyone else lives and works is hurting, and in some places worst than others.

Why didn’t they just let them fail and put that money to better use by loaning it to small community banks that in turn would have  loan it to small business who are the largest employers in  America. This would have been the right thing to do! Yet they didn’t because our politicians are owned by the “New World Order” in which these career politicians sell their souls to for financial gains! At the cost of allowing America to cease to exist in the form that it has always been the leader of the world! We are bankrupted as a nation. We print money we don’t have, the Chinese buy it and we are indebted to them. What a joke!


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