Why Are We Now Showing Interest For Haiti

Our country has in the past behaved bad against the Haitian people who try to make it to our shores. Haiti is the poorest country in the Caribbean.  When Haitians attempt to make it to our shores the ones that don’t end up dying at sea in their journey to find freedom.  Are then taken to Krome  Detention Center and sent back to a country that is in turmoil! Now having lived in S. Florida for most of my life and having met many Haitians I know them to be hard working, of  entrepreneurial spirit, and very family oriented.

Haitians can be found living through out the state. They have mostly settled  in an area in  Miami’s called  “Little Haiti” there they have settled down and quite frankly achieved the “American Dream”. They have many small businesses which they have started and run within the community. They are good hard working people an asset for the community!

It’s a shame how our government has discriminated against them. To see the hypocrisy of  Bush and Clinton now is another sad joke! What did they do to help the plight of the Haitian people while they were in office?

Now to hear how our Hope and Change President Obama has recruited them both ” Bush & Clinton to get donations for Haiti relieve is mind boggling to me.

What is really behind this? Could this  have anything to do with the Chinese agreement with Cuba to drill for OIL? Could it be the attempt by our Ex presidents and now president Obama to give aid to Haiti only then to get in on the ground floor when the Chinese hit oil.

Everyone knows of the Bush global world view, Remember we are now entering a ” New World Order.”  Clinton no one had heard of him until he was introduced by Rockefeller. And do you think it is by accident that we now have Hope and Change Citizen of  The World President Obama?

These are  a few question that I ask? I mean we allow Cubans  to come to our country and give them Carte  Blanche treatment while the Haitians who are really struggling we sent back, why?

I am fully aware of the Cuban Adjustment Act enacted in 1966. Yet the new arrivals coming from Cuba are not political refugees! They are immigrant looking for a better  life. The only problem I have why the special treatment?

For the most part these people coming from Cuba are quite different than those that arrived here in masses in the early 60’s. They have been indoctrinated into 50 years of Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuban way of life. In which they have mastered the art of deception.

They have grown up in a system in which the government  destroyed the family, got rid of the church, and allowed them to wheel and deal in the black market giving the people the illusion that they were some how in control. In reality that was  planned by Castro to keep them from revolting from within. While at the same time allowing them to leave the island knowing they would create havoc once they arrive on U.S. soil.

There are some that do reach our shores in home made rafts, but for the most part these people pay smugglers from Miami at ( $10,000.00 U.S. ) a head to come  here. These smugglers use the same high speed boats that were used back in the late 70’s and 80’s by drug smugglers.

Once in Miami some do go and get legitimate jobs, but many resort to the only way they know which is a life of crime. Here in S. Florida behind most insurance and Medicaid fraud the new arrival are for the most part involved. Also any time a  stolen container from the port or in route is missing you could surely assume that they are in some way behind it, killing of horses, ” yes  I said horses.” They kill the horses to sell the meat. Crazy isn’t?

Now remember they get help from the American taxpayer. They are given housing, food, and free education. To go to trade school or the local community college. All on American tax payer dime! When you go to your local unemployment office here in S. Floridan it’s basically geared up to help them! When you and I were paying $4.00 plus gasoline at the pump. They were being given from our local Work Force Innovation prepaid gas cards. What do you think about that?

And another thing if they are given this special status because of the “Cuban Adjustment Act”  why is it that after they been living in the U.S. for one year they then go back to visit a country which is oppressive?

Also for the most part these people are not the same as the ones that came here during the 60’s who assimilated to the American life and work their butts off to make it better for their family while doing things the right way!  This is the kind of political nonsense that makes me boil.

We have three members in Congress of  Cuban descent. Lincoln Diaz  Balart  his brother  Mario, Ileana Ros Lehtinen,  probably the most in effective  members in the U.S. House of Represenntatives.

So my prayers go out to the Haitian people in Haiti and in the U.S. and I hope that our leaders will not only react when a tragedy happens but  take a closer look at our immigration policy of our neighbors from the Caribbean.


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