A Victory For Brown Will Be A Victory For America

If   Brown is able to pull an upset in Massachusetts, in one of  the most Liberal state in America. It might send a signal to our out of control career politicians that we are paying attention! This would be a great victory for Americans. Not because of what Brown may or may  not do, but rather that we the American Tax Payer are paying attention and letting them know that we have our eyes on them and are not going to be playing any more party politics as usual.  So I will await to see the results tonight and hope that the voter’s of  Massachusetts did what is right for all of America.

If  Brown pull this off, it will be a victory for all American! Specially to those who believe in Liberty and Freedom. Americans have been treated as of late with less rights than that which we now give to foreign terrorist. Regular Americans across the United States have protested and what have our career politicians done, but call us names and go against our wishes.

For too long our career politicians haven’t been doing the will of “WE THE PEOPLE” but rather the “WILL OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER” which is the view they seem to promote within their policies. Our Country these days seems to be out of touch with the citizens. They have allowed people with world views that aren’t American to run loose.

We have to many career politicians and not many statesmen. Party politics has reached an all-time low. Nothing ever gets done for “We The People” rather our politicians choose to create division within our country for their own political gains.

When presidential election comes up we as Americans have to choose from which of the two candidates will do our country the less harm! This is not the way it should or is supposed to be. We have turned into the old U.S.S.R. which we as Americans use to hate for what it represented.

These days we are too much concentrated on Global issues that quite frankly aren’t doing anything for Americans. Lets get our house in order and start passing common sense legislation that is good for America. Lets put a halt to stupid treaties that send American jobs overseas. And lets vote people in that are willing to work for us “The American People” not for the special interest multinational American in name only corporations that don’t care about America, but only to their bottom line.

Lets stop the nonsense of spending money that we don’t have and bailing out those we deem “too big to fail’ this is un- American. Stop telling us fairy tales and taxing us to death. And explaining to us that what we are now witnessing with our own eyes is really something else.

Lets put an end to this insanity that has run a muck in our country. Lets pass a constitutional amendment for term limits! It is insane to have anyone serve for 47 years! We have too many career politician who in essence have become mini dictators! This is our fault for being foolish and continuing to vote them in time after time. This is INSANITY!!! Lets take America back from career politicians that all they care about is their bank account and not what is best for America.


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