Republican’s It Isn’t About You! It’s About “We The People”

Yes America is waking up! After last night victory for the Nation. The Democrats better start taking a closer look at their agenda. And I do say “theirs.”

They better start listening to the American people and realize that this Left Wing Socialist, Fascist, New World Order Citizen of the World politics has to end.

“We the People”  are paying attention. Enough is enough! Let this be a wake up call. Too their  radical  views of the world and the deliberate lies being manufactured for their own political gains.

Al Gore’s I love capitalism, but you really have to stop this “Global Warming or as you now call it Climate Change religion nonsense.”

I’m all for making an honest buck.  In your case close to a billion with your preaching this nonsense which is going not only to bankrupt America but control every aspect of our lives. Stop, promoting ” Cap and Trade” we don’t believe you!

I think after last night victory in Massachusetts for “WE THE PEOPLE” our Hope and Change Citizen of the World President Obama, better take a wake up call to the reality of what people are truly feeling these days.
There is no doubt in any honest true loving American’s mind, that George Bush was the reason America elected Obama!
The American voter were furious for the abuses of the past 8 years. For those who thought Obama was actually saying anything other than “YES WE CAN or HOPE and Change” I must call you a fool.
That was all he said during his campaign. He wasn’t the articulate speaker the propaganda media made him out to be. If you were paying attention to the debates you would have noticed. He reads well, that is all. But he can’t articulate a word on his own without sounding like George Bush.
Take away the prepared speech, the teleprompter, and what do you have? Nothing more than a man who reads well from other peoples material!
I feel better today then I have since 2002. First after the victory last night for America by Americans I do think this is a wake up call!
We are watching and aren’t going to take anymore nonsense. Pelosi,Reid, Schumer, Frank, Rangel, Boxer, your days in office are being counted.

Republicans don’t think for one minute this is about your party. This is about Americans voting against the politic as usual. We will even in a Liberal state like Massachusetts vote for the other party to send you the message that you can’t continue on playing party politic that is dividing and destroying our great country.


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