Arlen Specter, Another One That Has To Go

Arlen Specter is the problem we have in this country. Career Politician who only care about continuing their political careers. When he thought it was politically to his advantage he switched party. Last summer he mocked the people in the town hall meetings. So what can we really expect from this man anyways? He just did what comes natural for a person that has no true values. Any man who disrespect a woman is no man at all.
I have great respect for Michelle Bachmann, and believe that she is in congress representing all Americans. If we had more people in congress like her and Ron Paul, our country would be in better shape. That is why term limits should be in place. These scoundrels are not representing America or the American people, only the special interest group that buys them of with campaign contribution. They answer to the Multi- National Corporations American in name only “New World Order”. The ones that are “Too Big To Fail” They are the ones who are destroying this country from within. With stupid trade policy that destroys American jobs, with not protecting our borders, and with making everything into a racial issue.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Democrat or Republican, most of them have been bought off. Every four years they go preaching their gospel to us to get elected. When they get into office they still continue in the same path as the previous administration that proceeded them.
America wake up! Our enemies are working to destroy us from within this two-party system that resembles what we had always fought against in the past. The former U.S.S.R.
It sad that each four years we find ourselves voting not for who is better for our country, but rather who will do us less harm. This is not what our founding Fathers had in mind!

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