Cindy McCain, Joins Daughter Megan In Fight For Proposition 8

I’m laughing, politicians will do anything to get elected. Why must a person accept “GAY MARRIAGE” If a person has a different point of view you’re called an-ti-gay. This is ridiculous, just like calling this a human rights issue, who the heck is this “Perez Hilton” anyways!
Time after time the citizens of this country have rejected  “Gay Marriage” it’s the states that continue to shove this down our throats!
I don’t personally care what two consenting adults do in their privacy. The problem I have is when they try to tell me that their behavior is normal and that I must accept it.
If they want the right for domestic partnership, go for it if it makes you happy! Now why is it that they have to infringe on my traditional values of the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman.
Why are these activist always in your face, and it has to be their way or the highway? How come they are not called out on their intolerance? Kind of a double standard don’t you think?
When are people going to wake up and see that all these policies that divide Americans are not benefiting us. Why must we have special laws for a certain group of people.
“Hate Crimes” this is the kind of thing that drives me crazy. If you commit a violent crime against anyone you should pay to the letter of the law right? Well “Hate Crime” laws discriminates against the rest of society by choosing who’s life is more valuable!
People this is exactly what the architects of the “New World Order” want. To destroy us from within. Take away GOD, destroy the family unit, and what do you have? Nothing

Please share with me and educate me, if you feel that the opinion which I hold is wrong. I know for a fact that this is the way that Americans feel about this topic, even though the propaganda media with their agenda tries to say other wise.


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