Jobless Claims On The Rise, And So Is The Propaganda

The Labor Department said first claims for unemployment aid rose by 36,000 to a seasonally adjusted 482,000. Wall Street economists had expected a small drop. The four-week average rose for the first time since August, to 448,250.

I don’t understand what’s the big surprise? They are manipulating the numbers just to revise them a few weeks later or the following month. This is a trend that has gone on for some time now.

December is traditionally a month that retailers hire more help, everyone know this. They try to pass out figures showing an increase in hiring as to try to get us to believe that everything is fine and dandy.

I guess in their mind we are so gullible that if they repeat it often enough we will not notice that our neighbor has been out of work for over a year and a half, five houses on our block are in foreclosure, when we drive  around our neighborhoods we see for lease sign on just about every store front window in every strip mall.

So don’t to worry the economy is in a recovery! Look how well Wall Street is doing! This is the kind of nonsense that drives me mad! Has anyone notice that any time a big Wall Street Company announces a major layoff  how that same day their stock prices rise?

The Labor Department report also said the number of people continuing to claim regular benefits dropped off  slightly to under 4.6 million

But this does not include millions of people who have used up the regular 26 weeks of benefits provided by the states. Who are now receiving extended benefits for up to an extra seventy-three weeks, paid for by the federal government.

Plus that the rising number of people filing extended unemployment insurance shows that companies aren’t hiring.
So we could come to one logical conclusion, people are being laid off less these days but companies are not hiring! So what does that do for the average person that finds themselves without a job? NOTHING!

My guess the dollar will continue to be devalued, the price of everything will continue to rise until our elected leaders start paying attention to the real issues on hand.

A country that does not control its borders, manufactures its own products at home and doesn’t make it affordable for our citizens to get an education will cease to exist. If we allow these American Global Corporation in name only to either take jobs out of the U.S. or allow them to bring in foreign workers with the H1B and H1A Visa we will continue to suffer as a nation.

When I hear the nonsense that these are  for jobs that Americans won’t do, it get me furious! Sure Americans will do them just pay them a living wage! When  Bill Gates claims that we don’t have enough engineers in this country and  for that reason is why he uses the H1B visas to bring foreign workers, it just rubs me the wrong way!

If he was telling the truth wouldn’t that mean that American engineers could be naming their own salary? Yet when we check you notice that the salaries in engineering field have gone down or become stagnant in the last decade.

All that this is about is the “New World Order”. They have to destroy America and our way of life and bring it to par with the economies of the rest of the world. That is the only logical conclusion that I see.  If you noticed it really doesn’t matter what political party is in power. Both continue to make trade agreements  that hurt America and American jobs period!

We have to wake up and start electing Statesman,  not career politician that are only in it for themselves. And if we can’t find any, then we should become that man or woman that runs for office to make America work for Americans.


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