Hope And Change Citizen Of The World President Obama, Has His Followers Seen The Light?

Where has all that Hope And Change gone? After one year in office has the American voters seen the light? If The past three elections in New Jersey, Virginia, and in Massachusetts are any indication, than Americans are waking up.

President Obama, radical left Socialist approach seems even too much for the good people of Massachusetts as they voted not for Scott Brown but rather against our Hope And Change Citizen of the World President Obama. Think about it, this new President Obama has managed to create a bigger deficit in less than one year than our previous President! That is quite an accomplishment. It took Bush eight years to screw up the country.

In addition to high un-employment numbers, small business closing their doors daily for lack of capital, foolish legislation on Cap and Trade, in addition to Health Care Reform that is only going to benefit the greedy insurance companies, that our President Obama criticizes publicly only to then lobby for them by making it mandatory for us to buy insurance. Or risk a fine and imprisonment if you don’t. Kind of tells you why the people who bought his lies a year ago are now having buyers remorse!

The man does the talk but doesn’t do the walk! He is now talking about imposing bank fees. You really think this is going to do anything? They will just create another legislation to allow them to become exempt! Again the big Multi National Banks are the same ones that are controlling everything in the first place. So that is also just more nonsense. Look at Goldman Sacks!

Our government decided that these institutions were, “Too Big To Fail”. This is the prime example why you can’t believe him or any of the other career politicians.

Stock market is down to its lowest since last March. Wow, should that surprise anyone?  It’s has been artificially kept high so that the crooks in Washington can tell us that,”everything is fine and dandy, look how well the market has recovered.” The Market is a game for the powerful, to control the masses by creating recessions. Look at all the big players they go from Government, to,Wall Street to treasury to academia, to big business! It just a Monopoly game to them. When our economy does good they do good, when the economy suffer they do even better.

America the answer is for us to take back control from these corrupt career politicians that answer to the “New World Order” Let’s vote for people who believe in America and it’s people. That understand that welfare is wrong period, especially corporate welfare. Which is what our politicians like to do. In addition to making trade policies that hurt small businesses, and bail out the big American in name only “New World Order Corporations” once they mess everything up for everyone.

Let pray and hope that “We the People” will begin to pay more attention and stop allowing them to play us the way they have been for far to long. Let it be what is best for America not the same old tired game of party politics that is the source of the game that they play to destroy us from within.


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