Congressman Ron Paul, Common Sense For America

Congressman Ron Paul statement in opposition to H Res 1021 “condolences to Haiti” Goes on to say how he is moved toward the horrible destruction in Haiti and express his condolences to all those who have suffered and continue to suffer.

He says that as a medical doctor who has worked through out his career to  reduce the pain and suffering of others. That this resolution doesn’t only express our condolences but rather it commits the U.S. government to  the reconstruction of Haiti, which will lead the United States into a long-term occupation of Haiti. He goes on to say that this legislation has the possibility of being an open-ended U.S. Military occupation of Haiti. He sees the failed attempts of both the Clinton and Bush Administration as an American protectorate of Haiti. He goes on to say how we are already seeing many argue that this kind of humanitarian mission is perfect for our U.S. military, which he doesn’t agree with.
He is well in favor of the tremendous support of the American people in helping the people of Haiti in this tragic time. The American people are very generous on their own. Yet he fears that the U.S. government commitment to reconstruct Haiti may actually discourage private contributions by Americans as well as U.S. corporations who are raising millions of dollars for relief and reconstruction of Haiti.

I think that Ron Paul has a valid point, we are often viewed by the world as being an Imperialist Nation, our President Obama has dedicated a good part of last year doing an apology tour around the world telling the world how bad we are.

Now we send our military into a  sovereign nation to reconstruct their country.  While our own country’s infrastructure is falling apart. Seems like a nice  gesture from our government, but what is really behind this? Could it have to do with the Chinese agreement with the Cuban government to drill for oil of the coast of Cuba?

Like I was saying, why take on the task of rebuilding Haiti?  Isn’t this the kind of thing that the United Nation should be involved with? Why such an interest now? Again my heart goes out to the Haitian people, in Haiti and here at home. We all know too well of their struggles with their corrupt leaders. I just can’t understand with all the problems facing us here at home, how our government seems to always find the funds to go into other countries and give them aid while letting our own country fall apart. Doesn’t make sense! Unless there is something more sinister behind all this! Like the “New World Order”


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