Another Tragedy, In S.Florida

Another example of the abuse of power. My prayers go out to the family of this young girl. Why is it that anytime there is an incident involving our police departments and the citizens we are always at fault? Why is it if they are supposed to work for us ,we the law-abiding citizens feel threaten even when they are behind us in traffic? Could it be that just like any other part of our system that is broken this one here is the one closes to us? To many police officer abuse the power given them by “we the people.”  These are  normal behavior not isolated incidents  by police officers that are nothing more than criminal wearing  badges!  This has to stop! We law-abiding citizens have to get more involved in our communities and push for laws that treat corrupt officers the same way they treat the rest of us! I’m sick and tired to always have to witness police officers dashing in front of you at high-speed, changing lanes without turn signals, only to get out of the daily bumper to bumper traffic that is the norm here in S. Florida. While talking on their cell phones, or parked at any time blocking traffic for no clear reason other than their disregard for the law! They are to carried away with the authority which law-abiding citizen respect, but that they don’t give back to us when they pull us over. Like they do on many occasions just to meet their quota for the month. This is sad to the professional police officers that do the right thing. Yet unfortunately that is what to many time the average citizen encounters when dealing with those that are supposed to ” PROTECT AND SERVE”.  I just hope that we the law-abiding citizen get more involved in our communities and not be afraid to allow our voices to be heard.  This isn’t against law-abiding police officers that do their jobs with respect to those that they serve while  following the law , but against those that unfortunately give honest Officers a bad reputation.

This is another thing to many mentally immature police officers. i always get a pleasure when I drive in the mornings on Griffin Road. Right in front of the Christian school there is a police officer from B.S.O that directs the traffic. What a delight, this officers always seems to be in a good mood. Always waves smiles and when traffic is at a stop engages the motorist in friendly conversation. The officer I would say is in his late 50’s to early 60’s what a good feeling I get each morning when he is directing traffic. Now the opposite happens on his days off, when there is a younger officer who just gives off bad vibes. Your typical 20 something to 30 something police officer with a look that kills. Always seems to be in a bad mood, that is unfortunately one of the things I see as all the time with police officers, They are always in a bad mood.

I understand that their line of work is very stress full. My suggestion, change your occupation because obviously when you are making judgment calls that affect others your mind has to be clear of any preconceived ideas that you might have already made up in your mind. If not the out come usually ends up being what to often the law-abiding citizen complains of  to no avail.

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