Ron Paul On Legalizing Competing Currenncies

Ron Paul continues to be the voice for common sense. His battle against  the Federal Reserves which he blames for our Monetary problems, and directly goes after the man in charge of over seeing it Ben Bernanke, who he credits for  the bad policies that are in place that allows for these bubbles in our economy to be created.

His common sense approach and his Texas straight talk is what I most admire about this man. You know when someone is doing something right for America is when your own political party takes swipes at you. Never the less he continues to call it like he see it. And is not afraid to work with the other party on issues that benefits our country, I respect that, and I am great full to have him representing all Americans in Congress not just Texans.

He will work across party lines with individuals that are trying to introduce bills that will benefit all Americans. The phony so-called fiscal conservatives like to criticize him while he calls his own republican party out for their hypocrisies.

During the bailouts he made a statement that couldn’t ring any truer, when he said that he was having trouble distinguishing the so-called conservatives with those that are labeled liberals. The reference was toward the Republicans who talk a good game  like John McCain, but voted in favor of the bailouts. Unlike Democrat Dennis Kucinich of Ohio and Bernie Sanders Independent from Vermont who calls himself a socialist and who voted the right way against the bailouts.

I also have respect for Kucinich and Sanders, might disagree with them on many if not most issues but they sure got it right when it came to the bailout of Wall Street. There is also another Democrat from California Brad Sherman who sounded like what a fiscal conservative should have. His speeches were right to the point and really impressed me.

So I hope that the vote this week for Ben Bernanke  second term fails. I hope that our politicians do the right thing. But I won’t hold my breath.


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