Supreme Court Ruling On, McCain Feingold Law

The ruling by Justice Kennedy just made it easier for “Too Big To Fail” American in name only  Global Corporations along with the Big Unions to do what they have always done, buy elections! There is nothing new here, just the same old stuff that happens during every election cycle. “WE the People” are supposed to be happy now because Citizens United was a great victory for free speech? Who’s free speech? All this says is he who has the most money wins.

A real victory for America would be if  the Presidential elections were open to everyone. Not the scam that we now have in place with the Republicans and Democrats controlling who can or can’t take part in the debates. Lets have 50 debates one in each state open to all who want to run for President from any political party.

Ask each candidate the same 10 questions and allow them to answer them. At the end allow the candidate to ask one question to another participants. This would allow “we the people” a chance to hear each candidate that chooses to run answer the same question that was asked of the others. We then could at least have a better knowledge of what they stand for and how they respond to questions that they had no pre-knowledge of. Sounds pretty simple to me, yet this would give “we the people” a better opportunity to make a more sound decision instead of what we have today. Voting for the lesser of two evils.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich believes this is a first amendment victory for Americans, I strongly disagree for the obvious reasons.

Mr. Speaker you are an eloquent speaker, never the less all that this ruling by the Supreme Court does is state the facts that he who has the money makes the rules! Remember when you were a child and use to play baseball in the summer? The kid that owned the bat and ball decided when the game started and finished!
This ruling doesn’t do anything for “we the people”! How can someone like myself a small business owner who isn’t “too big to fail” ever be able to compete with the big “New World Order” money that control our government and propaganda media? The answer is NEVER! So this ruling from the Supreme Court is a First amendment victory for Big American in name only Global Corporations that are part of the “New World Order” that dictates how our country is run. So Mr. Speaker I have to disrespectfully disagree with your opinion about what you call a victory for free speech.


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