Chris Matthews Not Only Gets Chills Up His Legs, But Now Also Can’t Believe He is Hearing A Black Man Speak

“I Forgot He Was Black Tonight”

Wow, not only does Chris Matthews get chills up his leg when he hears our Hope and Change Citizen of the World President Obama speak, but now he can’t believe that he is hearing a black man speak! Can you folks imagine what the propaganda media which is state-run would have done if this would have been a conservative as oppose to your typical left-wing progressive race monger? This is the kind of thing that everyone on the left always shoves under the rug. What a bunch of hypocrites. People like Matthews are typical on the left, they love to divide America. Race and religion being in the foreground. Last night after hearing our Hope and Change World Citizen President Obama speech, I heard many words but didn’t hear anything that I will believe to be factual. Our President now has a one year track record which demonstrates that he does the talk but not the walk! He LIES! If people are going to continue to buy his foolishness then they deserve what they have gotten and will continue to get while he is in office. Former President Bush to his credit did do as he said he would with conviction. He also managed to destroy our economy in eight years with his Fascist world view, and is in my opinion the one responsible for us now having President Obama continuing in his footsteps. Of course at a much faster speed, with a more socialistic approach the man is dismantling America as we know it. We need term limits, it is insane to have politicians serving for as much as 47 years. They become mini-dictators, and they continue to get elected and in some instances without opposition. We have had four bad Presidents back to back. We find ourselves voting for the lesser of two evils every four years, this isn’t what our forefathers had envision for our country. I enjoy listening to Rush when the Democrats are in office he is brilliant the things he says are true. On the other hand when a Republican President is in office he does a terrible dishonor to all Americans and our great country by not holding them accountable and calling them out. That has to change, if we are to call out the left we also have to call out those on the right that masquerade themselves as conservatives all the while being as liberal and irresponsible as those on the left. All that does is destroy America by playing left against right. The only one that benefits from this are the ones pulling the strings using both the left and the right to destroy our country from within. Wake up America, this is the “New World Order” they are the masterful at playing us to bring about their World Dominance.


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  1. I agree , why are the Liberals the ones always bringing up the race issue. I get a pain in my you know what when I hear him speak! Um, um, um,um,um

    • Well they control the propaganda media for the most part, so it would be safe to say that our society these days tends to pay more attention to what is going on in Hollywood than what the career politician do in the way of dividing Americans into groups so that they can accomplish their goals. Race, ethnicity, religion, education, and the peoples social economics statis are all used to pit us one against the other. That is their goal so that they can destroy us from within and put into full gear their New World Order.

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