Miami Cop Kills Dog, Breed American Boxer

You see this is typical of people who lack reason and common sense on top of being insecure. Why is it that police officer are so eager to use their weapon? If you know anything about dogs, you will realize that an American Boxer has one of the smallest teeth of any breed of dogs to go with a very long tongue.  These dogs are extremely friendly and playful, the dog was in his property protecting his home. This cop is another example of  people who are not mentally mature and have no reason to be carrying any type of weapon what so ever. How do these people end up getting hired to “protect and serve” us is beyond comprehension.
We have animal cruelty laws, but like everything else it doesn’t apply to police officers. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Cops are too quick to use their guns and tasers on dogs as well as on law-abiding citizens.  Police officers get a bad reputation because of situations like this that happen quite to often.
Most dog owners consider their pet as part of their family. Police officers work with German Shepard’s they should have to go through special courses teaching  them about dog breeds as well as a sensitivity courses on how to interact with us the law-abiding citizen which for most part they don’t respect. I’m out raged and my heart goes out to the dog’s owners. Only when we make bad cops accountable to the everyday laws that we the law-abiding citizen have to follow and obey, will this not continue to be business as usual.


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  1. Great Blog and info, thanks

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