Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm Episode Of The Jesus Painting

I enjoy viewing “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Larry David is a funny man, do I get offended, not really because he does this kind of stuff all the time. Larry David likes to push peoples buttons and I do give him credit for being honest and revealing his views through his comedy. I respect him and his rights to express his views the same way I respect Mel Gibson for expressing his.

What does offend me is the fact that if a Non Jew made similar remarks about Jews they would be labeled anti-Semite. Case in point Mel Gibson. That is a double standard. I am A Christian and what really upsets me is the hypocrisy when I hear Jews all the time taking swipes at Jesus and Christians in general. Even though for the most part the Christians are the greatest allies of the Jews in Israel and here in America. Israels tourism is maintained and supported by Christians.

In Israel they have tried to pass a Bill S757-1996 into law that would prohibit Pastors from witnessing to the Jewish people. If this bill becomes law they can be imprisoned if found sharing Christ. Yet we don’t hear anything about this in the media.

I get offended by Christians that are politically correct. They are cowards in my opinion, because if any other group of people or religion would act toward Christians the way that a great number of people who identify themselves as being Jewish, the Christians would speak out against them, but they will not call out someone who is Jewish when they make these type of comments. So I get upset with the cowards that call themselves Christians but will not defend their faith. As for Larry David I accept him and have no problem what so ever with him or his show.


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  1. The difference, and this is general not universal for all Jews or Christians, is that Larry David is always making fun of Jews. For example, The Surivor episode where the ‘survivor’ turns out not to be a Holocaust survivor but someone from Survivor Australia.

    Christians don’t make fun of themselves nearly as much. I think this is partly because there are people who can call themselves Jewish ethnically but athiest at the same time (Jewish athiests exist, but this is a debate with Orthodox and secular Jews). Christians are less likely to make fun of themselves.

    Therefore, it is not a double standard, Larry David is different, and that’s why he can make fun of Christians and Jews and get away with it.

    • Like I said I’m not offended by Larry David at all. Sienfeld episodes also created by Larry David as well as Jerry Sienfeld did the same thing, that’s why it was funny. they made fun of everyone and everything. Some might be offended by this but I took it for what it was , a funny well written comedy having to do with nothing other than the things in life that we all encounter. The double standard comes from those who call themselves Christians, and speak out against others that will make attacks on Christ and their beliefs, but will not respond toward Jews for fear of being labeled anti-Semitic. Also the typical person that calls themselves Jewish, whether Orthodox or secular will criticize Christ and Christians in general and will not be called out on it. There is no special name under the sun given to people who might hate, despise, or just like to make fun and ridicule Christ or Christians. That too is a double standard. Hatred is wrong period, but we shouldn’t have special laws protecting one group of people over another.

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