The Federal Reserve, The Creators Of Bubbles That Lead to Recessions

Mr. Buchanan, you’re right on target. Unfortunately “we the people” are the ones who always end up losing when the Feds create these bubbles. Bernanke like his predecessors are all crooks, they should all be in prison. Except our country seems to reward these days the crooks that destroy our country from within, these are the real terrorist.
We should do away with the Federal Reserves once and for all. They are not working for “we the people” but for the New World Order which is who they are, along with our Global corporations and banking institutions that are American in name only and have no allegiance to our country.
We should support American companies that creates jobs here in America and that don’t use the HB2 visas to bring in foreign workers only to keep salaries of Americans down. We have to protect our borders and preserve the English language here in America. We have stop illegal immigration which hurts Americans and only benefits the Corporations that employs them to the destruction of the American worker.
We have to once again become a nation that produces goods as oppose to one that just consumes. We have to make education affordable to all Americans that seek it, without it costing them a $100,000.00 to 200,000.00 for graduate degree. A country that doesn’t educate its citizens seizes to be. Finally we must pass a constitutional amendment to end the insanity that we now have with career politicians. It’s insane to have people in congress serving 40 plus years that is outrageous these people end up being mini- dictators, this nonsense has to stop. We must end the strangle hold of the two-party political system that now is currently running our country into the ground. The election process has to be open to other parties that want to take part in the debates. Until “we the people” start demanding and holding our elected official accountable, things will continue to be business as usual. Wake up America!


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