Dr. Ron Paul An American Statesman

Dr Ron Paul  Republican Congressman from Texas a true Statesman for all American. Sir you’re 100% correct, on our country’s monetary policies. We spend what we don’t have and borrow from the Chinese money that is printed on paper that has  no real value. The federal Reserves creates these bubbles  on purpose to enslave us. Our country is broke, and our career politicians from both the Republicans and Democrats party don’t care! To them the destruction of the dollar doesn’t matter as long as they can continue to be in office, they are selling  us out.  “We the people”, better wake up and stop playing political party games that is only a tool of the New World Order to play us one against the other.

We have to stop the corruption that goes on not only in Washington, but locally in our states and cities. We are being sold out as a nation, by the same people who we continue to allow with our votes to stay in power. We need a constitutional amendment for term limits. We can’t afford to continue to have mini- dictators in office serving for over 40 years, this is insanity.  “We the people” have the power to stop this with our vote while we still have one.

I’m tired of promises made by both parties to get elected only to turn around and continue doing the will of the New World Order! They want to destroy our way of life from within. We have to vote them all out. If they don’t do the will of everyday Americans who aren’t “too big to fail” then they are not working for us, “we the people”

Hell, I don’t fear foreign terrorist I fear my government who continually shows no respect for America or the American way of life.  Every time a so-called terrorist attack supposedly is prevented we find ourselves giving up more of our liberties  for our own benefits of course, we are told.  On the other hand those allegedly trying to harm us and are way of life are given protection! What hypocrisy, terrorist now have the same right that “we the people,” this is insane! These people chop the heads off our soldiers yet we can’t water board them because it’s  torture? Give me a break! This is what America has now become, no one respects a nice guy, but everyone does respect and fear the one that doesn’t put up with this  crap!

It makes me sick to my stomach when George Bush, McCain and the rest of Republicans who always say they believe in the free market principle then turn around and bail out the crooks who created the problems in the first place.  I have more respects for the so-called Socialist Bernie Sanders than the majority of Republicans that claim to be fiscal conservative only through words but not in deeds.

These last three elections have been a vote against our Hope and Change Citizen of the World President Obama and the Democrats. The same way Obama was a vote against the Republican party and Bush. By no means is this about Americans having a new found confidence in the Republicans party that  sold our country out. This was a vote for “we the people” ! So for all you career politicians out there, beware we are coming out of our deep sleep and your party is coming to an end.


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