Welcome To Miami

The Cubans of the early 60’s are a passing generation. The old timers are now in their seventies and eighties their children either were born here or they came at a young age and assimilated to the American way of life. These individual worked hard and prospered, started businesses, became doctors, lawyers, architects, accountants, teachers,politicians, as well as in any other vocation that you might find any other Americans in.They worked hard played by the rules teaching their children about America and it’s greatness. While instilling in them the history of their beloved homeland that although only 90 miles away seemed like a place never to be seen again.

In 1980 we had the Mariel boat lift, with new arrival of 120,000 plus. with the exodus also Castro emptied his prisons unleashing the mentally ill as well as harden criminals  to our shores. For a while here in the early eighties you would see every night another Marielito as they were called making the news for another horrific crime involving drugs.The movie Scarface starring Al Pacino was based on a fictional character Tony Montana that had arrived to S.Florida in the Mariel boat lift, this movie was very accurate in portraying the scene here in S. Florida in the 80’s. The Cubans of course blasted the movie, and when the movie was played here in local theaters it had a disclosure saying that in no way did this movie represent the Cuban community here in the U.S. You know you have political clout when you can get liberal Hollywood to make a statement like that. Because as I recall the movie didn’t make the statement about the Columbians that were portraited in the movie as drug dealers, nor do they ever make statements like that about Jamaicans,Mexican, Puerto Ricans, Blacks,ect.

The new wave of immigrant of 1980 had different view about Cuba politics and they always seem to clash with the Cubans of the 60’s. They now did what the Cubans hadn’t done earlier, that is travel to their homeland. Now you might think what the big deal here, well to them you have to remember, that they see Castro as their enemy and to visit the island would be like saying that they accept Castro. Those from Mariel and to the new arrivals that we get today don’t see it that way. Because they for the most part don’t consider themselves American and they always seem to bad mouth our country while always speaking of how well they had it in Cuba. See these people now coming to our country under the Cuban adjustment act of 1966 aren’t into politics, all they care about is money and they don’t care how they make it.

They grew up in a generation in which Castro eliminated GOD, split the family and basically deprived them of everyday normal things that we take for granted. While at the same time Castro allowed them to wheel and deal in their own under ground economy. Which is what a majority of them do once they get here to Miami.

The Cuban radio stations that use to be 24/7 365 days a year about Castro and Cuban politic here in exile, has now changed its way to tailor to the new arrivals that do not for the most part appreciate this country. They maintain their customs and culture and could care less about America. They constantly travel to and from the island by way of the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, or Mexico, violating the travel bans that were in place till recently.

Also they get housing,education, food,health care, and yes even gas allowances on American tax payer. Work force innovation as well as Family and Children is basically tailored for them. Of course the politicians will deny this, but if you live in S.Florida and are honest you will have to agree that this is true. In conclusion every time we have a cultural exchange with Castro’s communist Cuba for every dollar that is made, Castro I believe makes .80 cents on the dollar, that is why the Cuban old timers of the 60’s would complain.

The Cuban embargo does not hurt Castro, it only takes away Americans right to travel abroad. Why should  an American not be allowed to travel to Cuba? Yet the Cubans that we give the privilege to enter the U.S. can? That is the kind of insanity that gets me furious.


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