Robert Gibbs, Mocks Sarah Palin, What A Joke!

This administration most definitely suffers from mental delusions! Folks I would love to see Sarah Palin debate our president, she would eat him up alive. For all of you who love to make fun of her, I say you guys fear her! Why? because she is real, not a phony snobbish elite. That scares the insiders because she is a loose cannon that will say what ever is in her mind. Without having to take a poll to see if it’s “Politically Correct”. Americans are tired of the career politicians that talk a good game and say all the right things but don’t do a damn thing for them. What the heck, why not give her a shot, can she really be any worst then all the crooks we now have in Washington?
Our Hope and Change Citizen of the World President Obama, needs not one nor two, but three teleprompters when giving his many speeches that don’t say anything at all. On top of not writing his own material, when left to fend for himself in an open debate this is what I recall: um,um,um,silence and more ums, until he would give an answer that sounded too much like Bush. Everyone made such a hype about how smart he was compared to Bush, well if you want to compare pedigree Bush comes out on top. Obama did his undergrad at Columbia, Bush went to Yale, Obama got his graduate degree from Harvard Law, Bush got his Masters in Business from Harvard, so what’s the only conclusion I gathered from eight years of Bush and a year of Obama is, that our educational system in America is most definitely lacking because if these two individuals went to the finest Ivy league University in America if not in the World and this is what they can do, we are in a whole heap of trouble. They both lack common sense.
The Liberal media gave him way too much credit, he’s not articulate! He stutters when left to himself to answer a question he has no fore knowledge of. Folks when are you going to open your eyes to the truth, this guy is another puppet just like Bush was. He has no real experience at leading or doing much of anything. Pretty much like Bush, who in contrast was the Governor of Texas. America would have voted for anything other than a Republican in 2008, they were upset. And now they are even more upset, I heard the other day someone in line at my local hardware store make a comment like remember the good old days when Bush was in office? Seriously I’m not kidding, the longer he is in office he is even going to make Carter look good. If we don’t stop this foolish party politic nonsense that is destroying our country, and our way of life is inevitably going to change for the worst. Look at what is happening to the dollar? Look at all our corrupt career politicians just doing their will and not listening to “we the People”. This has got to stop, and we can stop them if we not only listen to their words but follow their actions as well. They have gotten so use to lying to us that it’s their nature. They tell us one thing and do another. How much more of this can we take as a nation? Our standard of living is being destroyed, not by chance but by plan. They have to destroy our nation from within and put us into the same category as the rest of the world. Let’s not become another Cuba, these social programs are not going to change any one of our lives for any good, What they are going to do is give the government more control over our every day life and our bodies as well.
For all you Liberal women that say that it’s your body and it’s your choice? I don’t think so, it’s going to be the government’s body for them to dictate who gets what and how much. For get about GOD, Mommy, and Daddy, that will be the role of the government if they get their way with their agenda. Health Care Reform, Cap and Trade are nothing more than the same tactics of the communist using other names. In china, they have a one child policy, in Cuba they have constant power shortages that are used to control your very existence. For all you naive people out there that bought the lie of Michael Moore’s movie about Health care in Cuba being superior to ours as well as the Canadians. Why is it that the top Cubans officials leave the island nation and have their major surgery here in the U.S.A? The Canadians that can afford it do the same. Yes we have problems with the cost of heath insurance and their abuses, but that is only because our career politicians answer to them. just like they do to Wall Street. Heck I had a business for over 20 plus years no one bailed me out nor would I had wanted the American tax payer to have done so. I believe in capitalism, it’s just sad that what we have seen pass as capitalism is nothing more then the New World Order controlling us with their Globalism world conquest. Yes Folks we better wake up before it’s to late.


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