Ron Paul, Texas Straight Talk Is Right Once Again

Congressman Ron Paul a true Statesman for all Americans. Once again Dr. Paul points out what is obvious to normal everyday Americans. Our monetary policies are flawed, and in the end they are going to lead us to higher inflation and a dollar that won’t even be worth the paper that it’s printed on.

Congress last week approved a new national debt ceiling, our government can now borrow an additional 1.9 trillion dollars to stay afloat. This is the Keynesian approach, which leads to bigger government spending. in their view money is the only solution. The government holds all the cards to determine the outcome.

On the other hand those that truly believe in a free market approach, realize that government control and excessive taxes only hurt us as a nation. Bigger government isn’t the answer, common sense is. And that is what is lacking in Washington these days.

Mandating Health Care Reform just for the sake of doing something is not the answer. Businesses will always find away to shift the cost once again on to the tax payer. They are better at this than the government. Just as the jobs that supposedly are being created by government far exceed any real benefit to Americans tax payer who are being indebted.

Still all that Washington want is to take a strong hold of every aspect of our lives from cradle to death. They will not end pushing their Global agenda of Cap and Trade that will only hurt our country to the benefit of those who are deliberately trying to destroy our economy from within. In addition to health care spending that will only benefit the Insurance Industry. Not the American Tax payer.

Regular Americans understand this, they don’t see more government as being the solution rather they see it as being the problem. That is why so many Americans are upset these days. It has nothing to do with race, the American people were also against the policies of Bush that opened the doors to what we are now experiencing. We are not against our president, only his foolish policies, that like the previous president are bankrupting our country.

Let us as a nation rise up again and do what is in the best interest of America, lets stop playing party politics. All that does is destroy the country that we all love. Let us unite with real ideas from both the Left and the Right to do what is in America’s best interest. Before we tackle the problems of the world let’s get our house in order first.


2 Responses

  1. Paul is just another distraction from the corporatist state. Government is not the problem, the corporation is. Attack the corporation, undermine it, destroy it, burn it down before it’s too late. Paul?? What a joke, as bad or worse than Obama or Bush or Clinton. Corporatist shitheads, all. Get rid of these people. And bring the corporation down.

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