Miami Beach Police Officers, Makes It Open Season On Gays

When are we going to say enough is enough. If those honorable Police officers who do the right thing don’t step up and turn in the crooks that are bringing a bad name to their profession, it’s going to get uglier! If they respect  the Constitution they should do the right thing. We the “law-abiding citizens” are the one’s who pay their salaries, they work for us. They are supposed to “PROTECT AND SERVE”  not “TICKET AND ARREST” just for NO reason!

If an officer violates any citizens constitutional rights, no matter who the citizen is, they should be prosecuted to the letter of the law. To pick on someone who is Gay just because you don’t approve of their life style is really sick and demented. All it proves is that they are un sure of their own manhood! What’s next, Jews on Monday,  Muslims on Tuesday, Christians on Wednesday, Cubans on Thursday, Hispanics on Friday, Blacks on Saturday and Sunday, No I forgot, they are open target all week-long! This has to stop! I fear the officer in the patrol car more than the brothers in the hood.

We have to put all these crooks that are bringing down the Honorable profession of being a Law Enforcement Officer down to an end. We won’t be able to do this till the good law-abiding officer turn them in. They are the ones that knows them  the best, they work side by side. Rid yourselves of these cockroaches that are dividing our communities apart,  citizens against police. Do it for your country!

As much as I believe the ACLU does more to try to hurt Christianity, sometimes they do get it right. That is why, I always welcome them even though I find myself disagreeing with them the majority of times. I respect their right to do what they do. I hope they take the Miami Beach police Dept. to the cleaners. Yes, I’m aware that it hurts the taxpayers, but if in the end we rid ourselves of these parasites that are destroying our communities it will be worth it.

Suggestion, with all the people who find themselves un-employed these days, why not just fire these officers and hire honest everyday citizens that play by the rules? Because quite obviously this new batch of officer that we been seeing since the late 70’s is just getting worse. So let’s do something that will benefit our community in two ways, we rid ourselves of the criminals with badges and we put the good people who find themselves without a job to work. It’s a win, win situation!


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