S.Florida Police Gone Wild!

This insanity has to stop, we can’t allow the police to continue abusing our constitutional rights. They are out of control.We need the Attorney General Bill McCollum to start grand jury investigation into the recent police abuses that are headlining our news.  We see  the tragic incident in Broward where the police officer’s crazy driving caused a 14-year-old her life. The Miami cop who shot and killed an American Boxer dog, the Florida State Trooper who wrote up bogus tickets, and now this! The 24 year old police officer shoots at a 58 year old woman wild she is driving at 15 miles or so an hour! Come on please, am I the only one that sees something wrong here?

This kind of stuff happens more often than what most people think. Now the question is how many law-abiding citizen does this happen to on a daily basis? How many of us have not had an experience in which we see a police car by our side and we just know that they are going to pull us over? Not because we violated any law, but just because they can and do! Then when we ask the simple question, “what did I do officer” they cop an attitude, and disrespect you, than blame you of being the one that has an attitude.

You know I have no respect for any type of criminal, but the worst criminal are usually the ones with badges! If you’re a good police officer this isn’t about you, this is about the one’s that give your entire honorable profession a bad name. Unfortunately this is what we see more and more these days. Unless the good officer start turning in the criminal that wear the uniform I see it getting worst. A criminal of any type is bad, but the worst are the ones that wear a badge and take advantage of the power we grant them, “we the people”

At the end of the day these people are nothing more than mental cowards as well as being human cowards. When they pull you over they always call for backup, they flash a blinding light into your vehicle which prevents you from seeing them, they have your information even before you hand them your driver’s license, in the way of the vehicle license plate, plus they are the ones carrying a gun! They are bullies, cowards, and I have no respect for them the same way I have no respect for any other criminal.

So another question I ask, do the citizen realize that what these corrupt cowards wearing badges are doing is un-constitutional? When are we as a nation going to exercise our rights and demand from our elected official who like the corrupt police officers and judges work for us. How much of this nonsense do we have to endure? When will it be enough for you? When it happens to a love one or to yourself? We can’t allow them to get away with this injustice.
Next time you get called to serve as a juror, just go with the citizen that is being brought up on charges, yes it sounds crazy but what is going on now isn’t any better either. You know, maybe once we start citing with citizen that are being charged with committing a crime against an officer or someone charged with embezzling money from a bank or a multi national global corporation, we can send the real criminals a message that we are sick and tire of all their abuses and nonsense.

I believe in playing by the rules, always have. Yet it seems to me that the only ones playing by the rules are the citizens that respect our Constitution and what it stands for. The Politicians, global Corporation, Wall Street, Judges,Lawyers, Police Officers, many of them seem not to care about the law of the land, it’s like if it didn’t apply to them! Like if they were above the law, which is the impression that too many citizen seem to think  is exactly what is going on. Wake up America, before it’s to late.


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