They Have Eyes But Can’t See, They Have Ears But Can’t Hear”

W.P.B Progressive,  you’re part of the problem we have here in America, you are to caught up in playing party politics that is what blinds you from the truth. The reason Palin didn’t take offense is, un-like you she actually knew what Rush had actually said. He was commenting on the hypocrisy from the left  never calling their own out. He was making the comment about Rahm Emmanuel, and he predicted on his radio show that the left would react just the way you did.

The problems that are dividing our country today, stems from people who will play party politics to the destruction of their own country. They think themselves to wise ,when in reality they are nothing but fools.

People that play the game of party politics are nothing more than pawns, of the puppet masters that control you without you even knowing it. They already control so much of your life, that what you think and the words you say in reality are not even your own.

The only one’s benefiting from having the left fight against the right are the same one’s who want to destroy our country to enslave us all. Wake up and open your eyes so you can see the truth! It’s right in front of you.”They have eyes but can’t see, they have  ears but can’t hear’! This is America today, what a sad story for such a great nation.

As to the role that advertising places in our lives it’s obvious. We are told that in order to be happy and successful we have to live in a certain type of house in such and such neighborhood, have 1.2 children, drive a certain type of car, and carry American Express. This is the nonsense that people live by. We have holidays that are pushed in our society to get you to spend money, that at times we may not have! Our economy is based on consumption.

So as to entertainment, every T.V. show, movie,talk show etc. always has an agenda some more subtle than others. They come at you mostly from the left and occasionally from the right. They are there for you to see and hear. The problem is most people are just not paying attention, they live on auto pilot just moving around going place to place and reacting to what the puppet masters places in front of them.

I take these programs for what they are, as a mean to keep  us distracted and arguing among ourselves. We are like the old Roman Empire in its last days. They had the coliseums with the gladiators and lions, we have satellite and cable. Something for everyone to keep them entertained while the puppet masters are at work holding our ideas captive in their conquest to enslave us. Wake Up America before it’s to late!

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  1. Can you imagine what life would be like if there was no advertising of products? No billboards, no junk mail, no flyers, no spam . . . Do we ever stop and think how deeply we are affected by this constant barrage?

    Here’s something I had not known, because it never occurred to me to wonder. Why do we say ‘diamonds are forever’? Why is it a tradition to buy a diamond engagement ring? Let me see if I can remember my facts . . . because DeBeers ran an ad campaign in the 1930’s to create a market for diamonds.

    Oh, here’s another factoid–DeBeers is connected with the wealthy elite that some refer to as ‘the puppet masters’. Yes, from what I can see, they are the ones that control the markets of precious jewels. It’s sort of like they are ‘glittering with gold, precious stones, and pearls’ . . . wait, where have I heard that before? Isn’t that how the ‘Whore of Babylon’ is described?

    Here’s another thought. I heard a comment made by someone in power that we needed global governance because we have a global economy, etc. Well, my immediate thought was–since we don’t want a global government, perhaps we should not have a global economy. Who is it that decided we needed a global economy in the first place? My guess would be that it was the ones who have appointed themselves to run it!

    Here’s another thought: we are learning all about the conspiracies of the elite to create a NWO, and people seem to take it for granted that their agenda will come to pass. Maybe, but I have a different theory.

    I believe the antichrist will rise up out of the elite, after they have done the ‘dirty work’ of creating the framework for a global government, then will turn and devour them. After that, he will impose his own form of world government.

    His world religion is primarily Islam–but he will make some changes–and the lie that all religions lead to God. Since he is Allah, who claims to be God, in a sense that is true. It is blasphemy that Allah claims to be God, when in actuality he is Satan–but the part about all religions (except Christianity and Judaism) leading to him is true!!

    Just as God’s Word has formed the foundation for our legal system, The Koran and Islamic law (Sharia) will be the basis of his legal system.

    His education system–brainwashing and indoctrination.

    His leadership style–cult leader, including self promotion and the demand for complete submission and worship from his followers.

    The rights of the individual–none. He considers everyone a part of himself (which is a trait that is characteristic of narcissists.) He views the people he rules as we might view our hair or fingernails. (Do we ever stop to consider that our hair might not wish to be cut? How absurd! And similarly absurd, to him, is the idea that we might have free will that should be respected.)

    His form of government–dictatorial, obviously.

    While the elite that rule over us are totally corrupt and steeped in the occult–we have had the lesser of two evils. God has held the devil back from ruling the world, but since mankind has been rebellious and is now, as in the days of Noah, completely evil, He is ceasing to restrain Satan from fulfilling His agenda.

    As bad as the plans of the NWO are, the system that the antichrist is putting in place is much, much worse.

    It is also my belief that part of his destruction of the ‘Whore of Babylon’ (NWO elitists) is that he is revealing their doings to stir up a public outcry against them, so that he and the new system he implements will be seen as the world’s salvation. They will be the scapegoats, and the justification for the measures that he puts in place and the surrender of our freedom.

    He is now beginning to ‘throw them under the bus’ by revealing that they are primarily Jewish, thus further provoking the world’s hatred of Jews and all who support Jews (Christians).

    Think about it–as angry as each of us was when we learned about the elite NWO plan to control us–how do you think the whole WORLD will feel about it, when the facts are vealed–especially when there is a concerted media effort to demonize those who are behind it?

    Does Obama’s apology tour and bowing to dictators, etc. now begin to reveal his true agenda? He is courting those that hate America and Israel, showing them that he is on their side if they should decide to attack America or Israel.

    In summary, be wise. Not everything that you see on the horizon is going to come to pass, nor is it all the substance of the NWO conspiracy. What you are seeing, as vague forms in the darkness, are two evil spiritual systems that are vying for control of mankind–the Whore of Babylon (elitist NWO who have been in charge), and the Satanic seven headed, ten horned beast that is rising up from underneath her.

    We are living in Revelation.

    • Pat Robertson is another one who is the diamond business. Obama is another puppet just like the last three president before him. The system is rigged. We become the old U.S.S.R. that use to have their version of free elections, the catch they were both from the communist party. Today here in America we’re given the illusion to believe that there is a difference from the Dem. & Rep. when in reality there is very little differences and they both answer to the same Masters. The N.W.O

  2. The scritures have to be fullfilled.For it is written.

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