Illegal Immigration, America’s Nightmare

Illegal immigration is the biggest threat to our national security, we must protect or borders at all cost. If we are to be serious about terrorism, we must protect all points of entry into the United States. This  is most obvious to  Americans that were surveyed.

HUMAN EVENTS, the parent group of Guns & Patriots, surveyed their online readers for their opinion on what our country’s top issues are and 30,000 of them answered.

Illegal Immigration/Border Control   77%
Terrorism      55%
Government Spending    55%
National Defense     42%
Second Amendment Preservation   41%
Energy Independence     40%
Abortion on Demand     31%
One Party Government Control   30%
Jobs/Economic Climate    29%

The 90 % of the respondents were over the age of 45                                                   69%  Male                                                                                                                                        96% Caucasian                                                                                                                               57% Have Bachelor’s  Degree                                                                                                  36% are Veterans                                                                                                                          43% Have $75,000 Household Income

The five social issues that concerned them the most are as follows:

Illegal immigration is the top concern, terrorism and government spending tied for the second . They feel if illegal immigrants can get into our country so easily, what is going to prevent those that want to do us harm from doing the same.

Government spending was another problem they see as to being detrimental to our country’s well-being defined by the majority of the respondents as a government without fiscal constraint. They believe that government is too big and is to involved in every aspect of our daily life. In addition to not performing well the tasks that they are now doing. They also believe that our politicians regardless of political party can’t be trusted and that there is a lost of respect for the Constitution of the United States. They also believe that we are headed toward socialism.

National Defense is viewed as closely connected to terrorism and support for our troops. Conservatives want our troops to be the best trained and equipped as well as being treated the right way when they come back home.

The Second Amendment was also of top importance to the 30,000 conservatives that responded. The message was obvious to them that illegal immigration is a threat to our country and our way of life.

All the above would seem like common sense issues that shouldn’t divide us among party lines, unfortunately we know that like all things in America, there will be those that will say otherwise. So we as Americans will continue to lose our control of our country. From the powers within that will use all and any measure to destroy our way of life, so they can usher in their New World Order.


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