What’s Wrong With Washington D.C.

What is wrong with Washington, why is there such a disconnect with the rest of the country? Simple they just don’t care! They are in it for themselves, they are above the law, they are un-touchable, or they think they are.

One thing is for sure, Americans feel more disconnect today than ever before. They see our elected official as living in another reality, rather than the one here present. Both Democrats and Republicans view their leaders as out of touch with reality.

Why is it that they don’t get it? Because we continue to re-elect them time after time, so they know they can do as they please and still have a job. Americans in the past have chosen to have selective memory. They forget all the things that was promised to them, and don’t hold them accountable. So they continue as business as usual.

Maybe this time around it might be different, if the last threes elections in, Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts is any indication, we might just have their attention. Look at the recent politicians that have said they will not be seeking re-election. Do you think this was their original intentions? Of course not, they know we are mad and have been paying attention as of late to all their nonsense. So rather they embarrass themselves come election day, they will take the easy way out that suits them best.  Sure they will hold their press conference and blame others, but they will never take responsibility for their actions that has led to all the problems facing our nation.

According to The Washington Post, voters want smaller government and fewer government services by a large 58 percent to 38 percent margin. Pollster Scott Rasmussen reveals that 61 percent of voters believe tax cuts help the economy, that 59 percent think tax cuts are a better job-creation tool than increased government spending and that another 59 percent believe higher deficits hurt the economy.

Even the New York Times reports that 75 percent of Americans dislike Congress. That is really amazing who would have believed that! Congress led by Nancy Pelosi are the problem. Remember her nice words about the Americans that were protesting at town hall meetings all across the nation as being angry right wingers. Well I guess, they didn’t listen and maybe just maybe, if ” We the People” put away party politics and start voting for what is best for America, we can get rid of all the crooks that are the problem. Even to the point that the names that we have grown accustom to hearing for the last 20 to 30 years will no longer have to cause us to stay awake at night wondering who it’s that they truly represent.


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