What Is Really Behind Gun Law Legislation

Gun laws who do they serve? What does it do for the law-abiding citizen? Does it prevent the criminals from obtaining them? If the only ones that have them are the criminals, police officers, federal agents, and our arm forces, what does that really mean to us? I ask these questions because I see as each day passes our government tends to pay less and less attention to “we the people”.

If  history tells us anything it’s that in countries that are dictatorial if not communist they always tend to remove and out law the rights of its citizen to have guns. They did this in the U.S.S.R., China, and Cuba. Now is this  a sign of what our government intends to do? I don’t know, but what I do know is that our elected officials are not listening to us and in fact our rights and freedoms are little by little eroding. Just look around, you don’t have to go to far to see that what our government says they are doing for our own protection tends to take away from us and not protect us. Airport security, who does it help? If they were really doing it for our protection, why is it that they don’t secure our borders? Why is it that we have so many illegal immigrants in our country? Estimates range from 12 to 30 million depending whose account you believe. How can they say that it’s for our protection, if they are not protecting our borders the way they should.

Everything we do is being tracked and monitored. For example, in most major cities across the U.S. you will find cameras at major intersections. They tells us that it’s for our safety of course. Practically everywhere we go we are being watched. Our e-mails, phone conversations,our internet searches, our credit card transactions, as well as our inter-state tolls are being monitored. They know what we are doing, when we are doing it, and  how often we are doing it. Some will say, if you aren’t doing anything wrong why worry about it? I respond, because we are Americans and this is the United states of America.We are a free people living in the greatest country known to man. Many brave and honorable men have died to protect our rights and freedom.

Sometimes it seems like we are living in a police state, like in George Orwell 1984. Just look around you, just about every major city has special response tactical team that resembles more a military operation unit and not a police force. How many times have you been driving in your car and you have witnessed a police officer pull over a vehicle that hasn’t done anything wrong. How many times have you personally  been pulled over by a police officer for no clear reason and asked questions about your where about. How many times have you been disrespected by police officer when pulled over without any reason or not having violated any traffic laws? And when you ask them as to why  they have stopped you, they don’t give you an answer or an explanation. Only after they run your tag and your driver’s license and it comes out clean do they at times change their attitude and give you a lame excuse that even your 9-year-old wouldn’t believe. Yet this kind of behavior happens all the time. And lets not kid ourselves, yes there are many honorable men and women police officers that are professional and act with respect, but there are many that do wear the uniform and are nothing more than criminals with badges. This truly concerns me, and we shouldn’t tolerate this abuse from those who are supposed to work for us.

We have to get more involved in our communities, we have to demand that our elected city officials as well as our police department work for us to our satisfaction, and not just allowing them to do as they please without regards to our constitutional rights. They can only get away with what we allow them. We have to hole them accountable for their actions as well as their in-actions to do what is right for us. We have to take responsibility and become more educated to what our local,state, and federal government is doing. We have to stop playing party politics that only hurts us the American tax payer, to the delight of those that want to take our freedom away and en-slave us to their New world Order. Wake up America, before it’s to late.


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