Random Thoughts About Gun Laws And Eric Holder

If they get their way the only ones besides the government that will have guns are the criminals. What will that do for “we the people”? America wake up, this has already been done before, it worked great for the U.S.S.R., China, and Cuba to name a few. The only thing stopping the powers to be from out right en-slaving us is the fact that we still have our rights to bare arms.

Each day we read stories about how regular citizens are more frequently becoming victims not only to the criminal elements of our society but also to the abuses of our police officers, who to a large degree these days seem to be younger, more aggressive, and mentally un-stable. They all carry weapons and will use them, but our government want us to give up our rights to bare arms, so how are we suppose to defend ourselves?

We seem to be living in a time and age where everything is upside down. America has started to become a police state, look around you, the evidence is everywhere. We are now experiencing “George Orwell 1984” Our government doesn’t work for our interest, they don’t answer to us, they answer to the Puppet Masters that bankrolls their elections.

We have “too big to fail” Global Multi-National Corporations “NEW WORLD ORDER ELITES” running the show. We are all just pawns in their chess game, and are expendable. Until we the law-abiding Americans realize that they are playing us, left against right, while they go on their conquest of destroying our country from within, with laws and trade deals that don’t make any sense. Only than can we begin, while we still have our right to vote, to start electing individuals that will work for us, the American tax payer. Wake Up America, before it’s to late!

Wow, Eric Holder, I remember him way back during the Elian Gonzalez ordeal in Miami, Fl. This guy doesn’t respect the rule of law. He respect is own interpretation of the law. What did you expect, for him to be in the favor of the American Citizen?

All these people in position of authority in our country have no respect for “we the people” or the Constitution. All they’re concerned about is their own agenda, which in reality is the agenda of their Puppet Masters who they all listen and obey. N.W.O.

What can we expect of people who will prosecute our own American Soldiers, who are the ones that deserve our up most respect for their service to our nation. While at the same time not calling a terrorist a terrorist. Yet demanding they have their day in our civilian courts and granting them “Miranda rights” Who are they kidding?

Every time I hear them speak of water boarding or torture, it infuriates me. If we are at war, as they claim, against people who want to destroy us and our way of life, you think I care or any sane American person cares how we get the information we need? I say go “Jack Bauer” all over them. If it will save just one American life, it’s well worth it. Better one of theirs dead than one of ours.

If our country was really serious about terrorist, and just not being at war for the reasons that are obvious to many Americans, that its Big Business. I say once we know for sure who the bad guys are, not little drawing brought to us as intelligence by some General with political ambitions, but real information. We should demand from the country from which these terrorist operate from, to hand them all over to us within a reasonable amount of time, lets say 90 days. If after that time they don’t hand them over to us, we make it clear that in 30 days, that region of their country that we suspect is harboring terrorist will cease to be. Lets drop a big one on them, it worked in WW2 and it will work again.

Yea, I know this sounds crazy, but after the entire world stops condemning us, they will than once again respect us. If for no other reason than those ” Crazy Americans ” Our country isn’t respected abroad, our Hope And Change Citizen Of The World President Obama, after his apology tour isn’t taken serious nor is he respected. No one respects weakness, but they do fear those that they think are crazy. Doing the right thing also doesn’t get respect from those that aren’t playing by the rules. So in reality we than are left with no other option.

Our soldiers have to walk a tight rope, or risk the chance of our country bringing them up on charges. If we are at war, everything goes. Why should we have to be concerned with the well-being of our enemies. Our concerns should be toward our brave soldiers who are risking their lives to preserve our way of life. Enough with this nonsense and Eric Holder.


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