Congressinal Black Caucus, Hollywood, And American Liberals Just Don’t Get It

Why should what just happened to a Black civil rights activist Orlando Zapata Tamayo catch anyone by surprise? Fidel Castro first order of business after his firing squads that executed the men in Batista’s government, was than to go against his own men that fought side by side him against Batista. Once many of his own men realized that Castro was a communist and that they wanted no part of it, he also executed many of those that stood up against him, while imprisoning others. That has been the way of Castro’s government till this day. This is common knowledge here in S.Florida.

What our Congressional Black Caucus, as well as our Hollywood entertainers like, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, and Benecio Del Toro to name a few don’t seem to understand is, like all our Liberals and Progressives, that Castro has and still is a master at controlling the international press. Speak with anyone here in S.Florida Cuban American community and they will tell you their own personal stories or of that of a family member that lived through those early years in Castro’s Cuba.

The stories will allow you to realize as to what really went on in Castro’s early take over of Cuba. They will tell you that what we see here today, in the U.S. reminds them of the early days of Castro’s take over of Cuba. And with each day passing how they see us going down the same road, if the American people don’t wake up. These people are extremely to the right, they will make most right-winger look like moderates, but they know from first hand experience what a Marxist Socialist which eventually is nothing other than communist looks like, and if you engaging them in conversation they will with 100% accuracy predict what will happen next here in our country because they have already lived it in Cuba.

It’s extremely easy to be enamored into thinking that Che-Guevara was a good humanitarian just because he was a doctor. When in reality all he ever was, is a murderous communist pig. Yet here in America you find young kids being taught in our University of what a great man Che was. Heck you even saw the Che poster in some of Obama’s campaign offices to go along with the image of Obama in a Che style like poster. Yet the fools that voted for him, didn’t seem to know or care too much about this either. I guess it easy to be a good Socialist Marxist and eventually a Communist while living in the U.S., my suggestion to them all would be, to move to Cuba and live like the average doctor in the island that earns what is equivalent to $25.00 dollars a month and then tell me how great Castro’s Cuba really is. Until than I guess they will never really know.


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