The Reasons Why Americans Vote Democrat

The reasons Americans vote democrats

We all have a great responsibility every election cycle. Our right to vote as given us by  law is what has made us the greatest country in the world, and the place of choice by everyone seeking freedom. Even though we are not perfect as a nation and  have made mistake along the way, there isn’t any place else in the world that has been as generous or continues to be the place of choice for immigrants from all over the world.

There are many reasons why Americans vote Democrat and why new immigrants are attracted to the Democratic party, but are the reasons valid. We hear how the Democrats are supposed to be for the working man, but in reality, it was a Democratic president Bill Clinton who signed N.A.F.T.A and Most Favored Nation status with China. Both have caused Americans jobs and hurt small businesses which are the backbone of America. And with it took away high paying jobs and wiped out small business all across America.

Blacks have traditionally voted Democrat as well as Latinos in the North East  and South West.  Has the Democrats done anything for them? Are they better off for voting for them or are their votes being taken for granted in the same way that Republicans have traditionally taken the Christian vote for granted? What have they done for you? Are your neighborhoods safer, have the schools in your district gotten safer are your children learning more? Is there less drugs or gangs in your neighborhoods. Has crime fallen or risen? Are your police and fire departments  giving you faster and better service since you been voting Democrat? Are there less liquor stores or pawn shops in your neighborhoods? Is there more homes ownership, or are there more public housing being built? Do you have parks in which your children can go to play? If so, are the children the ones using them or are they just being used by the criminal elements?

Are the Democrats in public office less prone to being in bed with Big Business or are they just as guilty of answering to lobbyist instead, to we the American people? Have the Democrats since taking control of Congress in 2006 and the White House 08, have they done anything that has made it better for you, or the economy?  Have they ended the war and brought our troops back home? Have they stopped the abuses of the greedy banks on wall street or have they done the same as the previous Republican administration.

Is the Health Care Reform as put forth by the Democrats going to give you more choice to pick and choose, or are they going to reward the same greedy insurance industry who they blame for the high cost of health care? Aren’t the greedy insurance companies  the ones that are going to benefit by getting an estimated 20 to 25 million new customers? Which will be mandated. If  you the American tax payer don’t buy the coverage you will be fined or imprisoned. For all you Democrat women that are pro-choice, do you like the choices that your Democratic party is going to be offering you about when you should have mammogram exams as well pabsmear? Oh, my bad!  You will still be allowed the choice of killing your un-born child, so you aren’t going to mind.  As to when and how often you can see the doctors of their choice, not yours!

I think if  we are honest with ourselves we would have to answer NO, to all the above. In reality they the Democrats are really good at selling themselves as the party of the working class, when in reality they are just as crooked or even worst than the Republicans.They talk a good game, but do they deliver on the promises that they make?


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