The New American Progressive Movement, Just Another Word For A Socialist Marxist And Eventualy World Wide Commununism

I think all progressive either from the left or the right suffer from mental disorder. Case in point, Lindsey Graham he is now meeting with Rahm Emmanuel If I’m not mistaken to discuss Cap and Trade, but then what can we expect from McCain’s sidekick. The same goes for Charlie Crist who as governor of Florida is trailing Marco Rubio for the senate seat that was left behind by another Republican progressive Mel Martinez. Who by the way campaigned strongly for McCain here in Florida. What is the saying, birds of a feather fly together!

It’s not that Democrat are racist, but they always do use the race card. Example, if we disagree with Obama we must all be racist. Another one is dividing Americans by race, last I checked there is only one race and that is the HUMAN race. But no, that isn’t good enough for them, they have to breaks us down into groups so they can play the politic of division. And at the same time draw new districts so that they can stay in power from here to kingdom come. That is another reason why we have all our name brand career politicians, that continue to get re-elected yet they don’t do anything that helps out the American tax payer.

As to people that don’t like Beck, Rush, Hannity, Levine, and Savage. The left labels them hate monger! Strong words I would say. They try their best to complain and whine as to why all the problems that exist are caused by Conservatives. They think that those that listen to them are somehow brain washed into believing every word they say are true. So in other words they don’t like them and since they assume that those who listen to them hang from every word that comes out of their mouth as if it was gospel, that they must be making money from them! Hate to disappoint them, that just isn’t the case. As to the persecution complex, of those that listen to them, come on now they could do a whole lot better, wouldn’t you say? They tend to forget that they also have people on the left like the likes of,  Ed Schultz, Chris Mathews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Randy Rhodes, and Thom Hartmann, to name a few. Now what would they call them? I guess if it’s spoken by the left it isn’t brain washing, that only happens to those from the right that are conservatives and labeled ignorant by the left? Bunch of left-wing propaganda nonsense!

The point is, I’m not a shame of the gospel of my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, I am a shame of those that try to get my vote by claiming to be Christian, and of people that don’t know any better, that then believe that what they are saying is true and relate it to them as to being  Christians. Point in case Bush and Obama, they both tried to sell themselves as Christians to get the Christian vote. Those that were foolish to believe, most likely voted for them, if that was the only issued that mattered to them.

So the paranoia in reality is from the left that assumes that if one believes in JESUS, traditional family values, second amendment, pro-life, don’t buy into Al Gore’s global warming nonsense, too big to fail, and don’t want to be enslaved to a Fascist, or  Socialist Marxist and eventually Communist way of life that we must be ignorant to intolerant, or just out right fanatics. So who than is paranoid? The left again!

As to illegals immigrants not being covered in Health Care Reform legislation, just wait and see as to the final bill that will be pushed through in the middle of the night without them taking the time to read what the final version says. They lie all the time! Why should this time be any different? The illegals will be covered, that you can count on. The Democrats are not going to miss this opportunity. They are already being taken care of in our emergency rooms across the U.S. Or is this not true? So if they are here, are being used as cheap labor in construction sites, hospitality industries, as our gardeners, nannies, and housekeepers to name a few, you honestly think that those that are prospering by their cheap labor, are going to some how, now have a change of heart and start paying them a living wage and health insurance too? Come on now! That is the job of the  American middle class. That is what we are used for, to pay for the many entitlements that are out there.

That is what the law makers will do! Pass it down to the American middle class tax payer who are the one’s who suffer from all their nonsense to begin with. You may not like my response, but it’s the truth, not what you may want to hear, but the truth. Don’t believe me, just wait and see when they do pass it, if they don’t stick it into the new bill which they will have not read just like all the other bills. They then will complain about not having the time to read it, for what ever nonsense of the day may be convenient at that particular moment. I hope I’m wrong, but I won’t hold my breath.

Our country since the last two decades has taken a slide down a very slippery road that is indeed destroying the American way of life. It  started  actually with  Bush Sr. Remember,”read my lips no new taxes”, or “we are now entering a new world order”. Then came Clinton with N.A.F.T.A and Most Favored Nation Status with China that did away with good paying manufacturing jobs and hurt the small American manufactures that are still here in America employing Americans and doing the right thing for our country. Then Bush Jr. who was and is a Fascist borrowed and spend like if money didn’t matter. And it continues today with Obama, who is trying to bring about his Socialist Marxist agenda. Now this  Socialism/Marxism, isn’t going to come in all at once. They must first win over the masses like those that are blinded on the left, by creating division among Americans like the following.

1.Class warfare: poor against rich, union against non-union.

2.Divide Americans into different race groups: even though there is only one race the HUMAN race. They will group you into, White, African-American, Latino or Hispanic, Christian, Jew, Atheist, Gay, Asian, Native American Indian, and so forth. For the purpose of then passing special legislation giving one group of citizens special rights over the other. In so choosing winners and losers.

3. Hate Crimes: we could all agree that any crime perpetrated upon anyone is wrong and that there are already laws on the books that exists, and if one is found guilty they will be  placed in prison. But what is actually behind these laws is nothing new.

4.They will first move into trying to regulate and take control of publicly traded companies, after all they are the villains, that our government is suppose to regulate and then bails out with our tax dollars, now they will pretend that they are on our side the American taxpayer and that they are looking after us. After they take control of the publicly traded companies then they will tackle the private companies.

5. Personal rights of speech, gun ,land, and home ownership will be done away with.

6. Pastors will be told that they can’t preach hatred like, Homosexuality is a sin. In order for them to be allowed to preach they will have to have a universal message as to be inclusive of all world religions, something that no real bible believing Christian will do. But this is the way to go. Don’t think so,have you heard of the television evangelist Joel Olsteen. Look at the logo behind his pulpit, a globe not the Christian cross. Look at his water down message of the gospel. The man never confronts sin or mentions JESUS. This will be the norm. It will not be offensive and will fit right in with the world-wide communism that is on its way. Or the New World Order.

7. They will move more toward a police state, more cameras at every intersection, more security at airport, again all done under the guise of protecting us, while all along leaving our borders unprotected. All telephone, e-mails, net surfing, as well as to credit and cash transaction will be monitored. Remember the Patriot Act, that all you lefties hated, guess what?  It’s still here!

8. The school systems will teach less and will prepare kids to take standardized test that will not teach the student anything about civics,social studies, and yes history. What they will be taught is how to conform to what the government tells them. They will be taught through their revise history books showing them how the white man is evil and what great harm America has done through out the entire world. You know Blame America for all the ills of the world!

9. Government will become the only source of new employment, it’s happening now.  Look  at the private sector, are they hiring?

10.Government will then tell you how to raise your kids, while they are indoctrinating them toward being good little socialist.

Now if you haven’t seen any of these things happening, then there is nothing else for me to say, but it will do you good to read books that are not bias as to the left & right-wing progressives Socialist Marxist elites of the world. Pick up a book written by an unknown author who has lived lets say in Cuba, and read their first hand account as to what Socialism/ Marxism that leads to communism actually looks like from inception while everyone is a sleep toward the end when they can’t awake from their nightmare. Then maybe, just maybe ,your eyes will be opened and your ears may then hear the cry out in the wilderness from those who you claim to be ignorant, intolerant, and lets not forget fanatical. GOD BLESS AMERICA!


2 Responses

  1. Hmmmm. Interesting rhetoric. You, I suspect, are like many Americans…concerned about the nation and world we live in. And concerning politics…both sides are right…and both sides are wrong. Most of the publicized problems are ‘rhetoric.’ The REAL problems are the same as they’ve always been…how to be humane in an inhumane world. Government is complex. Life is complex. Man is complex. There is no right or wrong answer. Heck…what is the question?? There is a lot wrong with our world. There is a lot right with our world. I like to enjoy the ‘right’…do what I can to help the ‘wrong’…and have the ‘wisdom to know the difference. So…’chill.’ Lighten up. Life is what we make it. It’s all in whether you see the glass ‘half full’ or ‘half empty.’ My best rule of thumb is this…’don’t believe anything you hear…and only half of what ya see.’ Works for me :smile:.

    Good post. Interesting.

    Carolyn /

  2. Hey, well the bottom line is, “illegal” immigrant. Buddy that means illegal. Go home quietly and nicely and come here legally, work, pay taxes, and become a productive part of society forever and ever amen.

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