The Health Care Reform Debate Is Over, According To President Obama

According to our President Obama Health Care Reform debate is over, and we are now ready to give the American people what they wanted. All right, what does  that means? To who is he speaking to? As for me, all it tells me is that they don’t care what we have to say, and the only thing that matters is their own personal agenda. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had people in Washington D.C. that actually cared for the American people?

It would be great, but the problem is that for the most part our career politician are in bed with big business, so we are getting the short end of the stick regardless. I say lets vote some new blood in that will work for us, you know the American tax payer. We need Statesman that go in get the job done and then go back to their private lives doing what ever it was they did.

What we have now, isn’t working, and that is obvious to anyone who pays attention, not to what they say but to what they actually do. Both the republicans and the democrats for the most part have sold us out period! To say other wise is nonsense. They play us left against right to their delight. We on the other hand will defend them as to one party being better than the other, when in fact they are both responsible for what we have today here in America. I for one stopped playing party politics since 1991. I’m a Conservative will always be one, but I’m not going to kid myself into thinking that the republicans have all the answer or that they all truly believe in the free market principle. Because as Ron Paul said during the bailouts, that he was having problems distinguishing the Conservatives from the Liberals, and that was a straight jab to all the so-called conservative hypocrites that allowed the borrowing and spending to go on, only to safe them because they were deemed “too big to fail’ nonsense!

The same goes to the Liberals that believe that the Democrats are working for them, the working man, that is also nonsense! Bill Clinton did more to hurt the working middle class American and small business person than any other president. The trade agreements, N.A.F.T.A and Most Favored Nation status for China did more to hurt Americans then anything both of the Bush ever did, and in my opinion they both would rank in the bottom of my list as being good presidents. so that in itself says a lot.

Now we have Obama, for this too I give thanks to Bush, American were so frustrated with the way thing were going with two wars, a bad economy, $4.00 plus gas per gal. That they voted for anything that would not remind them of our last three presidents. What has Obama done other than show himself as to having as much experience to lead our nation as the one that presided before him. We are still bailing out Wall Street, still engaged in two wars, the Patriot Act is still in place,the economy is even worst than what it was, he’s creating a bigger government that is going to bankrupt the country even faster, has more czars than any of the other presidents before him, has appointed lobbyist in his administration,something he said he would not do. In addition to people that think Mao, Castro, and Chavez are good guys.

Health Care Reform. what will the American taxpayer get? Will be more in line with what our soldiers get than the health care that our politicians receive. Remember last year the soldiers that had gone to get prostate exams and end up getting Hepatitis and H.I.V. that will be what we the American taxpayer will be getting. The only thing will be that we will be paying for it, for 4 to 5 years before we can start receiving the third world socialize medicine that is going to hurt the American middle class.

So the way I see it , we been had for quite a while now. The Puppet Masters use us as pawns in their chess game, to fight among ourselves while they control those that we think are working for our behave. It will only get worst, unless we wake up and realize that we are being played by both parties!


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