A Comedy Called Liberalism, Or Like Michael Savage Calls It a “Mental Disorder”

I joined MSNBC Vine just so I could piste off  Liberals, and what I found is that they are way to easy to get to. Very thin skin, their favorite word is Ignorant, closely followed by intolerant, and lets not forget fanatic. Some how I believe they learn these words while still in the womb. I just finished  reading a post that is exactly about how much lack of sense of humor liberals have to go along with their lack of common sense, it was actually a very good post, and I was glad to see that I was not alone  in the Vine.

I for one don’t find any humor in them, other than when they attempt to defend Obama, then they are just plain silly and hilarious! They complained about the Patriot Act and the two wars, under Bush but these days you just don’t seem to hear all that much complaining from them on those two topics. They are also, I find to easy to get too. they lose their patience very easily and are a bit thin-skinned, I would say. They like to dish it out, but they don’t know how to response to it when they are being relentlessly attacked by those that aren’t willing to fall in line and be “politically correct”.

I’m on a mission for as long as we have our current Hope and Change, Citizen of the World President Obama in office to make their life as pleasant as my life is under this present administration. But I’m finding it a bit to easy and am enjoying myself way to much, I was hoping to get more of a challenge, but they play it safe only preaching to their own choir and patting themselves on their backs as to actually thinking that they have actually accomplished anything other than doing and acting just the way their puppet Master want them to. They really have to take a step back and just chill, and realize that it’s okay to laugh at themselves, heck I laugh at them every single day, and my blood pressure is back to normal, this all due to the best medicine of all. which is also the best comedy of all, “LIBERALISM”, which quite frankly is a mental disorder like Michael Savage said!


2 Responses

  1. It’s pretty funny characterizing liberalism “as a mental disorder” when characterized by that rectum of talk radio, Michael (“Savage”) Wiener, who is about as nuts as anyone in talk radio anywhere and at any time.

    Sane, educated people patiently wait for the day when the savage Wiener completely cracks up on the air.

    Only then will he have contributed anything of value to this nation and the history of talk radio.

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