Random Thoughts For the Day

A couple of questions

1.So when is abortion a good thing? I say never.

2. What is wrong with torturing those that want to hurt us, and if given a chance will not think twice about killing you or your love one’s?

3.What is wrong with guns and gun ownership for responsible adults?

4. War is bad, I don’t think anyone really wants it other than those that profit from it. With that said, if we must go to war, lets end it as quick as possible. By all means available to us. If that means dropping a big one on the enemy, I’m all for it. It worked out well in WW2, no one can deny that the Japanese has since then have greatly contributed to the entire world in a very positive way, and no one can deny that they are a good friend of the U.S. and the American people.

War is a terrible thing and we must do everything to prevent it, but we have now been engaged in two wars for a longer time that we were involved in WW2. If our enemies wanted to destroy our way of life and our economy, we must agree that they have been successful at doing that. The Multi-Nationals Global Corporations are still standing but we the American citizen are for the most part just getting by. And what about the great sacrifice by our soldiers, their families. They are the only ones that are protecting us and trying to preserve our freedoms and they are the ones that have lost the most. Even when they get back. Are we there for them as a nation, are we giving them all our support and resources available? War is bad, but if we are going to be at war let’s do everything that we can to end it as soon as possible.

Same typical nonsense that is always available from both sides of the aisle. I love it how top Democrat and top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee are sponsoring the immigration bill to increase visas for entrepreneurs. How in GODS creation is that going to help American entrepreneurs or small businesses? This just shows how incompetent our law makers are. They just don’t seem to get it. Just like some of them think that a person that has worked all their lives and finds themselves out of a job, are just taking advantage of the system.

In what alternate universe do these people live in? How can a person that has been unemployed for a year or so, that continually seeks employment to no avail, live on Lets say $1,200.00 a month? Or someone who has been in business all their lives? None of us are “too big to fail” but what ever is still left in our wallets these days, they will surely find a way to spend for us with their stupid taxes and nonsense that doesn’t add up to anything more than a government gone wild!

Do they actually think that this is what Americans that have worked all their adult lives want? We play by the rules which by the way none of our elected officials seem to obey, just to mention one, Charlie Rangel comes to mind from a long list of career politicians that are just in it for themselves and not for the good of the nation, These people should come back to our reality and see through our eyes and walk in our shoes before they pretend to care.

America wake up, they don’t have a clue as to what real Americans are going through. Since none of them have to actually try to make a living. They are way out of touch with reality, on both sides! But what the heck, lets continue to fight among ourselves and defend our name brand politicians. That is their only plan, they know that they can count on us to defend their actions or in actions and turn it into a democrat republican thing, they do it all the time! And we just follow their lead!

Just finished reading an article in the Washington Times by Demint called White house land grab. After reading it, I ask myself, ” Progressives you still think there isn’t a pattern here? Think again, public companies, banks, media, guns, land, equals what? Yes I know, this is just for the good of the environment. Think again, open your eyes the answers are right in front of you, wake up before it’s to late”!

Someone just said that they like Sarah Palin, but they really wouldn’t want her to run in 2012. Well my response to that is as follows: She is not my ideal candidate, but with that said, I rather get screwed by her than by our last three presidents and or our current one. Or any of the front-runners that have nothing other than their name brand and nothing else to go along. Plus it would be kind of fun to see her debating Obama. I do believe that if she did, she would most likely eat him up alive! Seriously. Not because she is any smarter, but for the fact that Obama can’t debate, he is a lousy debate. Take away the teleprompters and what do you really have? Besides the ums? Nothing! Ron Paul would be my choice, but he doesn’t have a chance within the republican party. So that would leave Mike Huckabee who is a good debater, has excellent communication skills and could reach across party lines. He seems to me, like the best choice for the republicans with Ron Paul at the V.P. spot. He would keep Huckabee on his toes with our monetary policies.


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