Just Annother Day In America

Some say that those who think that there is something sinister behind every policy decision that is made in Washington, are nothing more than conspiracy theorist.  Well lets take a close look at what has happened as of late in our country. If you take the time to look, the evidence is all around you. Our way of life has changed for some time, and this isn’t by mistake or by chance. This is a  World wide movement orchestrated to unite the entire world under a one world government, other wise known as the “New World Order” if you research this on-line there is plenty of good information as well as some that is bizarre and way out.

On Monday I heard on the radio that in the Florida Keys, the local authorities  will be using the city sanitation drivers to report to them anything that may seem suspicious to them while on their routes. Yesterday  I read on-line of the immigration bill that is being introduced by Chuck Schumer democrat  N.Y. and republican Lindsey Graham S. Carolina. The immigration bill will need all Americans to have a national Biometric I.D. card, not just for the illegal immigrants but every American citizen. Why? Patriot Act why? Political Correctness why? Cameras at our cities intersections why?

Than just last week there was a land grab in Washington by the Obama”s White House administration. what ever happened to all those people on the left that during the Bush presidency all they did was complain about the war and the Patriot Act. Guess what, we are still in two wars and the Patriot Act is still with us! So I guess all that Hope and Change nonsense isn’t looking to good these days, now is it? Former  Republican Senator of Oklahoma J.C. Watt wrote an article called the mother of all bail outs, an interesting read and one that I will assure you will make you see how wonderful our career politicians are working on our behalf.

What about all the nonsense of homosexuals in the military? Who cares, I have respect for all who wear the uniform that are willing to defend our freedoms from those who want to destroy us and our country. It’s naive to think that a person’s sex life is anything other than theirs! If they have the balls to go out and fight for their country we shouldn’t attempt to stop them, it’s their right as Americans, if so they choose to join the arm services. The only problem I have is with women fighting in the war. They can serve in other capacities, but the fighting should be left to the men.
What I do have a problem with is those that will use someone’s sexual inclinations to try to push their agenda. I don’t want to know about our soldiers sexual life style, that is their business and no one’s else. I don’t care to hear of a heterosexual love life or a homosexual either.  What one does in their privacy with consenting adults that is their business and no one else.

Same thing, why is it that when an under age girl gets sexually violated they call the perpetrator a rapist, and when the same thing happens to a young boy they call them a pedophile. Could it be that most pedophile are actually homosexual men, and the media is just being “politically correct” ? Now I think any S.O.B. that abuses a child should have their private parts removed, and then allow them to be violated in a worst way then what they committed on the child, And of course do this on prime time television so those who do these horrendous crime on children will know what will happen to them . Also save the American tax payer some money and just execute them after we are done inflicting a little bit of pain on them.

Yes I’m all for touring those that are trying to hurt Americans and America, and I’m not “politically correct” either! This way it will make the other monsters from thinking twice, same thing with murderers, stop housing, feeding, giving them health care, and educating them on tax payer dime. Once we know that they are guilty, execute them, why waste the money that our state doesn’t have on what the American tax payer doesn’t want to pay for either? Use the money that will be saved on education for our children.

Another thing, the prison industry is also big business, guess what our states and federal government does now, contract private companies to do the job for them. So we will continue to warehouse more Americans in the future for what ever reason under our laws allow. Not to attempt to rehabilitate, because it makes money. Do you guys remember Cheech and  Chong? Do you guys know this guy Chong was set up and did time for selling bongs I believe that is what they are called. They are used to smoke marijuana. When I saw the documentary I could not believe it. They set him up , just because they could. That is wrong, and if they can do it to him they can do it to anyone of us.  For what ever reason they choose to.

Now why is it that people waste so much time in life arguing or defending politicians who don’t give a damn about them? Why is it that? We will lie to ourselves to think that it the other political party’s fault for all that is wrong. In Florida our republican progressive governor is trailing the conservative republican who is challenging him in the republican primary for the U.S. senate seat. Charlie Crist, who has nothing good to say about what he has done for Florida other than embrace Obama’s over take of America, goes on to accuse Marco Rubio of a $130.00 haircut or body wax that supposedly he charged on his republican party credit card. Now Marco Rubio of course has said that he did spend the money and that it was out of his own pocket, since all he did was charge it and when the bill arrived he paid it with his own money. Is this really all that Charlie has on Rubio? Because if so, he making himself look even more foolish than what we Floridian already know.

Now the truth is who cares how much he spends on his hair cut or on body waxing! If this is all that Charlie has to argue on why he should be the next U.S. senator from Florida, he has already lost and doesn’t even realize it. Just a couple of weeks ago he met with vice president Biden, you think that strategy was Biden’s idea? After all, that was what the Obama campaign did against John Edwards and his $400.00 hair cut. If I was Charlie Crist I would be worrying more about Florida’s 11.9% unemployment. Even though those figures are all doctored anyways. Everyone in the state knows that the real un-employment number is closer to the mid 20% as oppose to what is being said to us by the state.

How about Dan Rather comment on Obama not even being able to sell us watermelon? That is right there with Chris Mathews “I can’t believe I’m hearing a black man speak” Why is it okay for Progressive Democrats to be racist? How come no one in their party calls them out? What a bunch of hypocrites! Where is Jimmy Carter when you need him?

The 2010 census will soon be arriving, this also another intrusion on our freedom. I guess that is one of many reasons why I like the Texas straight talk  congressman Ron Paul. Who says that all we have to do is write how may are in our address and that is it. That will be exactly what I will be doing. Also what does one’s race have to do with the census anyway? There is only one race and that is the human race, we are all Americans, either by birth or naturalization. Anything else is nothing more than an attempt by those seeking to destroy us from within, to use to divide Americans against one another.

Just another question, why do the democrat leadership try to dismiss Dennis Kucinich? Could it be that he is actually looking out for Americans? I know he is a Liberal, but he has been right on the two biggest issues facing our country. He has voted in a responsible way. He was against  the bailouts and against the so-called health care reform that Obama and the democratic leadership in both the House and Senate want to pass, so they can have more control of our lives. So I say, “thank you Rep. Dennis Kucinich, for not allowing your common sense to be taken from you by those that don’t care about the well-being of America or the American people, thank you sir”!

Just a quick note, how about the billboard with George Bush asking Americans if we missed him yet? When I read about the billboard in Minnesota, I couldn’t stop laughing. How gullible are we as a nation. We are like drug addicts, we just can control ourselves from voting from one fool to the next. Who will the American masses vote for in 2012 presidential elections. Will Obama be a one timer like Carter? Or are American still going to swallow all that Hope and Change nonsense?

I mean to his credit he is still working hard trying to get your vote for 2012. All he does is campaign. Does anyone of you know if he has found a church to attend yet? Well I know that before the 2012 elections he will have found a new church to attend, so that when he visits his pal the Rev. Rick Warren in California he will be able to tell all those foolish Christians that voted for him how good his new church family is. And guess what, they will be those that will stand up on his behalf and tell us just what a good Christian he is.

So are we all happier now that we know that the Japanese cars are just as bad as ours? I guess all those foolish Americans who have always bought Toyota’s are now going to stop buying them? I don’t think so, because the fact is that the Japanese do built a good car, and this is nothing other than the government looking out for their government-owned interest. You all know that as American tax payers we are all part owners of G.M. we just don’t get to see the profits, but if they need our cash, you all know that is what we are here for. The trial lawyers are going to be raking in billions, I guess the democrats do know how to treat those that work hard to get them elected!

I drive American cars, my choice is FORD. I like the big gas guzzlers, the SUV’s . Have you all notice that the price of gas is on the rise again?  If Obama and the Democratic leadership get their way with the progressive republicans like, Lindsey Graham ,and are able to jam cap-and-trade legislation through, we will be paying upwards of $10.00 per gallon of gas. Does anyone know what the heck happened to Lindsey Graham? This guy has sold out what he claimed was his conservative ways, I guess next he will do like the other republican hypocrite from California and ones and for all come out of the closet? It wouldn’t surprise me either, not that there is anything wrong with that!

On a sad note, I just heard today that television program 24 will be canceled after this season. I saw it coming since last season, when the series took a “politically correct” left turn. Of course that its faithful viewers were going to get turned off and tuned out.  This year they are portraying the new head of C.T.U. as an incompetent black man, I wonder if  they are portraying President Obama or Eric Holder? I guess we will never know and will have to leave it to our own imagination.


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  1. Why should Charlie Crist be worried about Florida’s unemployment. It hasn’t affected him, right? So then why should he care. If its not affecting you in your own skin, it doesn’t really matter and none of these politicians care about anything but themselves. They are all rich and live in glass houses.

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