Just Pawns To The New World Order

How naive the masses are to buy into party politics this is what is always used  in  America these days, to destroy our country. The mass majority of people allow themselves to see things through the eyes of their party of choice. If you take the time to read what I wrote you will see that in all my articles I make an attempt to tell people that we are allowing ourselves to be played by both parties.

We are nothing more than pawns in the chess match,we are all expendable, if you know anything about the game of chess, you also know that in the hands of a skillful player a pawn can and will be used to one’s own advantage. This has been going on in our country for way to long, and is only going to get worst. What we call “bubbles” in our economies are instruments of the New World Order, they will use them as they see fit to gain more control over us. They don’t care if it’s a Democrat or a Republican that is in the White House they answer to them.

What we have pass as Media, from both the Right and the Left serves to the interest of the Puppet Masters, they control all aspect of our lives, what we think, drive, wear, live, spend, and the likes. Everything has a purpose, if they don’t get us through fascism they will use socialism, in either case they win and we all lose. Who are the owners of the major networks and cable news? They don’t have an agenda? It doesn’t really matter to them if we vote Democrat or Republican they control them both. And when you have people Like Ron Paul showing you what is obvious in our monetary policies, what do they do? Play him off like if he was a nut case.

All these so-called think tanks are tools of the Puppet Masters to get us in line to what they are proposing to do. Are we to actually believe that Bush or Obama are the best that our country has to offer? The fix was in, and way to many bought into it and now they seem to be having buyers remorse. Issues that dominate the news, gay marriages, gays in the military, gay adoption, abortion, multiculturalism, immigration, first amendment issues, gun rights, and the likes, who do you think is actually behind all this? And less not forget Sara Palin.

It’s like when you’re working with wood, if you sand across the grain it’s a no, no! Look who bank rolled Obama? Goldman Sachs, look how much influence they have over both political parties. “Too big to fail” whose brilliant ideas was this? In the 80’s we had the saving and loans bailouts, in the 90’s we bailout Mexico, it is only fitting that we now bailout the crooks that caused the other crises all around the world wouldn’t you agree? Argentina had a flourishing economy, who’s to blame for it going under? The IMF, these are the folks that cause all the problems in the world, of course they will turn the focus to other issues like religion or oil, because this is the easiest tools available to them.

My whole point of this article is to show how stupid and gullible we can be, we are being played and will continue to be played unless we come to the only possible conclusion. They don’t care about us, they don’t care about America, they have no borders, or one specific language, nationality, or religion, all they want is to unite the world under a one world government and have us all under their control. This is the NEW WORLD ORDER!


2 Responses

  1. It’s nice to know that you can write with conciseness as opposed to a thousand or so words.

    However, in my view, your statements are hard to take seriously; I kind of get the impression that you are putting us on in order to turn us on (i.e., respond).

    I suppose that a lot of folks don’t know that this b.s. about a “new world order” has been kicking around for about 100 years. At times, it has been used as an attack against Jewish people — here in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world.

    Our American auto genius, Henry Ford — who nontheless was a very uneducated man, hated Jews and wrote about their alleged major role as leaders in the NWO. His writing was severely criticized by much more sophisticated people.

    In your Michael Savage style (pseudo?) diatribe, you claim that American members of this worldwide plot to “take all of us over” hate America…a silly claim that the savage Weiner uses all the time and hysterically. Which is one reason he is becoming better known as “the rectum of talk radio.”

    As an internationally published photojournalist and documentary film maker, I have met nationally prominent, highly successful leaders and business people (oh, god — you mean women, too?!). You bet your ass. None of them express or imply anything remotely hateful about America. Many have come from abject poverty and rejoice openly that, “only in America could they have met with such success” .. albeit not without a huge amount of struggle and willingness to keep on keeping on, despite early failures and criticism.

    These same people love capitalism and all that it represents. both good and bad. True, they are not favorably disposed toward unions, for instance. And yeah, they have sent thousands of contracts and jobs overseas — after all, the major goal of capitalism is profit, pure and simple.

    This has nothing to do with any nonsense like a “new world order;” these dudes and dudettes are in fierce competition with each other.

    Nowhere but in America is such a system not only allowed, but encouraged to develop. This allows neither time nor desire to cooperate in anything resembling a new world order. They like OUR order just the way it is.

    Additionally, these same, successful people (think Bill Gates, George Soros and many others) continually give millions of dollars to institutions designed to aid and encourage both Americans and people world-wide to rise above present circumstance.

    This is an American contribution toward world order — and we and the entire world are better off because of it.

    • Well your correct that Henry Ford was a genius. His personal beliefs were his, and as so I will not respond to what you claim them to be. I will suggest that you look into how our government did try to screw him over, during and after the war. As to Michael Savage and your opinion of him, this is the funny thing, he is Jewish and is an extremely intelligent man that calls a spade a spade and isn’t concerned with being politically correct. Your problem with him, is that he has a Conservative world view!

      As to Bill Gates, the man uses the system and in the process hurts Americans by bringing in Engineers, and Scientists from Eastern Europe as well as Asia on HB visa, so he can pay them less than he would Americans. While keeping salaries low here at home, while at the same time lobbying congress and telling them we don’t have enough engineers and scientist graduating in the U.S. Yes he gives plenty of his money as he should be able to, it’s his money. Yet you well know that his reasons for it, he will profit most, once the economies of the world are all united.

      George Soros uses his money all around the world to destroy their economies and he than becomes richer for his actions. This is a person that has no scruples and doesn’t even care about his own people, He is also Jewish. Yet he will, for a buck even allow to see Israel be destroyed if he could turn a profit. This man is a billionaire with leftist leaning and he doesn’t care of the well being of America or of any other country as long as he has his billions!

      I’m all for capitalism, as long as the players involved not only keep the profits they make, but also assume their losses and not expect the American tax payer to bail them out because they are “Too Big To Fail”. So in conclusion, your left leaning socialist world views of no borders and a One World Government may seem great to you, but there are many more people in this world that don’t want it, the problem is, that their voices are not heard in a world that is dominated by corporate media, multinational corporations, and international banks that want to control and enslave the masses of the world. Your views of life is from your one dimensional lens. Open your eyes to where we are headed. Wars makes money, who profits from them? All of the above! Wake UP, before it’s too late!

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