My Article Got pulled By MSNBC Vine, Why? Because It Isn’t Politically Correct To Their World View

Well this morning I went to one of the many places that I blog on, only to fine that I had gotten censored by them, of course they will not call it that, but that is what they did. So I did what any one person that isn’t into politically correctness  would do, and that is wrote them a message, asking why it was that they pulled it out. and re-published it again calling them out on their hypocrisy. I still haven’t heard from them, and I’m waiting to hear what they have to say! Another thing I have notice is that any article that is written with a Progressive Socialist world view, no matter how stupid the article is you will surely be able to find it on the MSNBC VINE. On the other hand, I’m waiting to see if  I get any comments or if they just do the same thing again, I wont hold my breath!
Below is what I wrote to them and also the article that just wasn’t found to be politically correct. I re-titled it:
“Hypocrites Little Minded Fools, That All You Do Is Censor Other Points Of Views”
My article got censored, why? Because it isn’t in line with the Progressive Socialist Movement that is found on the MSNBC Vine. There is all kind of nonsense written on the Vine, plenty of profanity I may add by the LEFTIES, that is 100% fine. Yet another point of view, that is censored! You guys are a joke, little minded good socialist in the making with all your “political correct” nonsense. That when you can’t win an argument with your many words, you do like all good little socialist, and CENSOR !
You guys are really pathetic, when you hear something that is not in line with your Progressive Socialist World View you complain to Tyler! you guys are a joke, Just like Chuck Todd, WHINE is all you do, come on use some of your many words that don”t amount to anything or complain again, I don’t care! I will continue to blog of all the insecurities of you little minded fools that can’t have an honest conversation with other that don’t buy into your “political correct” socialist world view!

Enjoy your day as I am enjoying mine you can’t imagine how good I’m feeling right now! It gave me great pleasure to find out that the little whiners had to complain to TYLER about my article, you fools PROVE MY POINT! Whine, Censor, and blame America,that is all you VINERS DO!

No More Lies Please, Who Will Come To Unite America And End The Insanity

For all of you Left Wing progressives on the Vine, have you noticed how the unreliable FOX NEWS kick butt last night.

as reported by none other than the Drudge Report for Tuesday March 9, 2010.

Cable news race goes as follows:

Fox News
O’Reilly         3,499,000
Beck              3,406, 000
Hannity        2,901,000
Baier             2,686,000
Shepard       2,243,000
Greta             2,027.000
Olbermann    1,004,000
Maddow            994,000
Behar              785,000
King                699.000
Cooper           583,000

Now to my surprise where is Ed, and Mathews in the ratings? So what does this mean, to all you Left Wing Progressives? I guess these days you just can’t find it in your hearts and ears to listen to the propaganda that is coming out of the left. Don’t feel bad, all of us conservatives know what it’s to be led astray by those that you believe are looking out for your interest. I recall tuning out from Fox, during Bush last term in office for the same reasons. I just don’t like to be lied too.

Who knows maybe Drudge is just playing with the numbers the same way our present administration plays with the numbers. You know the unemployment figures, and all those jobs that were created or saved due to the stimulus. I guess we will never know. Here is an idea, how about sending Rahm Emmanuel over. I’m sure he can get Drudge to give him the right numbers. Or maybe Timothy Geithner can explain to us why Fox News is kicking butts these days. If not maybe Bernanke can solve the problem the same way he has saved our nation from going into a depression by bailing out Wall Street and the “too big to fail” New World Order Elites. But really what do I an ignorant, intolerant, right-winger, fanatic really knows?

I would really be upset just about now, look at the numbers for crazy Glenn Beck, isn’t that amazing? Wow, he out did Olbermann and Maddow combined! I guess I won’t be hearing from none of you good people from the left, what can you possibly have to say? Nothing! And that is exactly my point. you people are so blinded that you welcome your own destruction so long as it isn’t done by Bush or the republicans!

Look how well all of us Americans are doing since the democrats have taken control of the house, senate, and white house. stop kidding yourselves and stop blaming Bush! It’s Obama’s and Democrats economy now, and in one year your party has been able to screw things even worst than what Bush and the republicans did in eight years! So get over it wake up and come to the realization that you have been taken once again! Realize that you are being sold out by your party the same way Bush sold out conservatives, so get over it and use common sense for once in your life!

Don’t make everything into a race issue, realize that we are all Americans and lets unite as a country and do what is in the best interest to all Americans. Lets stop the party bickering which is exactly what the Puppet Master wants us to do, that is fight among each other while they continue destroying our country from within. Wake up from your slumber and realize that a country that is divided will not stand. And this is exactly their plan, we as American must do what is right while we still can.

Lets work to make our country once again into the leader of the free world and not into a socialist country that all it does is enslave its citizens. Socialism does not work! Ask anyone that has ever lived in a Socialist Marxist Communist country to tell you of their first hand experience. it is easy to be a multi-millionaire like Sean Penn while living in America and speak of how great Hugo Chavez Venezuela is or Castro’s Cuba. Speak to someone who has lived through it and hear the truth. Why is it that if in all those country the citizen has it so much better than here in the U.S. that once they have the opportunity to come to America they will come here and never look back? Because unlike Hollywood, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Michael Moore, and the likes they know the truth! Even our Black Congressional Caucus falls for the lies of Castro! Che Guevara, he was a murderer! Hollywood plays him off like if he was a good humble man that cared for the poor, ask the families of those who died at the hands of Che!

During Obama run for the White House, there were poster of Obama in the familiar setting of that used by dumb university students wearing t-shirts of Che Guevara. If Americans knew their history they wouldn’t have voted for Obama. Then again, it didn’t stop the media from telling us how great he was either or big industry to bank roll him either. So the truth is, who is really going to benefit from a world wide communism that is coming our way? For sure it isn’t going to be any of us, do you have any guess?


4 Responses

  1. Why did they pull your piece? I would suggest that both you and the turkey that attempted to rebut my first comment cannot write worth a damn.

    Your spelling is bad, your use of language poor and your arguments lack both common sense and factual remarks.

    In professional journalism, one cannot get by with mere conviction when backed by nothing more than sentiment, lacking accuracy and based solely on anecdotes or even poorer sources.

    • You would fit right in, with the fools on the Vine. Your comments are very similar and quite frankly your political views based on your comments show me that you know nothing about world history. Continue to view the world through your camera lens and continue to live in denial. Best regards!

    • Stick to taking pictures, because you have no clue to world history past or present, Not only did I rebut your comment, I also showed you how foolish and naive your whole argument was. Heck I was expecting you to agree with me, I actually was expecting what you did tonight. Which is what all progressives do, when they are losing an argument, they resort to name calling, censoring or both. Never being able to show any facts other than their own leftist world view ideology. It wouldn’t surprise me if you are one of the many liberals MSNBC Viner, because you sure fit the mold. Pick up a book on world history, one that hasn’t been revised by one of your leftist thinking that hate America, and then maybe you can make a sound argument and not come across as a typical leftist that hasn’t got a clue!

  2. Good for you! toosmalltosucceed

    And there’s still such a thing as “Freedom of Speech”.

    How pathetic, and small minded can they get!!!

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