MSNBC Newsvine Has A Censor Czar, His Name Is Tyler

This article I wrote after they removed my article showing them how Fox News had gotten more viewers the night before. After getting 90 or so comments, mine are also included in those numbers and the article being up for about 2 or 3 days they removed it from view on NEWSVINE. They did exactly what I thought they would do. During the week I had written how Chuck Todd was whining about the Drudge Report and I called them out on it, than I wrote an article about Fox News line up how they had kicked MSNBC butts the night before, and they just couldn’t live with it.

On Newsvine you can move articles to the top of discussion by votes, this one person who goes by the name of Relentless Comedy, wrote an article on racism and it was voted up to the fourth place on the Vine, it received over 500 comments. They had it removed because it wasn’t to their liking and because it was from a Conservative view-point.  Which is the minority on Newsvine. It did extremely well and those in charge wouldn’t have any of it so they censored him by removing his article. So I just wrote an article calling them out, and knowing exactly that they would react the way they did to prove my point.

To be honest with you, I could care less to what they did with my article. I will just write another one and another one until I get bored or they banned me from Newsvine all together.  I was piste at them for taking Relentless Comedy article out, it took the guy 4 hours to write it, and all though I didn’t get a chance to read the article, because it had been removed. I did read all the comments that he received in his defense for what they had done to his article, when he wrote another article.  Another thing this guy doesn’t write that many articles,  he does participates in seeding  links and commenting on many articles. He is well liked by many within the NEWSVINE community. What they did to him was wrong, and I just called them out on it.

I really been meaning to write an article on Manny Pacquiaio and boxing in general I’m a big boxing fan, so this  is the last article on MSNBC Newsvine that I will write for now. By the way I do enjoy going on Newsvine to debate the Progressives and get under their skins, they are very easy to get too. Plus it will make the remaining years of hopefully this one term presidency of our Hope and Change Citizen of the World President Obama more bearable for me.

I wasn’t really upset nor am I upset now for what they did to my article, heck I’m surprise that they have actually allowed me to stay on for as long as they have. The funny thing is that they are doing exactly what their Puppet Master want them to do. In all of my articles I write how we the American Citizens are used by both political parties to fight among ourselves while they continue on their way turning our country into a place that  will one day not resemble the America we all have known and loved.

The person who has the authority on Newsvine  to remove articles, I heard  he is a 23 years old who has a typical leftist Progressive world view, who from this moment I will give him the title of MSNBC  Newsvine Censor Czar, his name is Tyler. After I wrote the article below, I directed it at him, waited for him and his hounds to comment and they did not response until I went off-line and I wasn’t there to be able to challenge them. They responded in the typical way, which I expected them too, defending Newsvine and attacking me. Yet they didn’t have the courage to do it while I was on-line. Tyler responded in a comment suspending me for a day. I haven’t gone back for a couple of days now, but if they have restored my privilege to write articles again, I’m going to challenge them again. I love to piste progressive off! This was the second article that they removed.

I Have Always Played By The Rules, I Can Take The Heat, But You Guys Can’t!

Life is funny, and what I noticed the most is that those that can win the argument usually will go out of their way to make sure that you can’t express your personal opinion. And here on MSNBC Newsvine it is obvious that the only one’s who opinion is of value are those who are in the majority, the minority on Newsvine have to stay quiet take the verbal assault and have their articles pulled, If it isn’t in line with the Socialist views of Newsvine.

My question is this, if you want to host a site. allow those visiting to know what your true agenda is! If you don’t want opposing points of view that come from those that you label, ignorant, intolerant, religious fanatics, or paranoid say so! Man up to the TRUTH that is obvious from us here in the minority! But please no more lame excuses like the one Tyler gave about why he removed Relentless Comedy’s article. Because quite frankly Tyler, your whole argument was childish, naive,and very intolerant to say the least! Your whole argument was shredded to pieces! So man up and say the truth, because quite frankly I’m not buying your argument.

If I was to treat my employees the way that Newsvine treats those with opposing views who they let into the vine, I would be spending more time in court having my son defending me than being able to be a productive American citizen who is trying to make a living. You folks on the left just don’t get how foolish your actions really are! You will argue as to why it is a choice to kill an un-born child, yet defend the right of a murder! You will grant terrorist their right to counsel, yet to your fellow American on the Newsvine, you will deny them their constitutional right to free speech! You see the obvious hypocrisy here!

When I go to my article that was taken down, and press the help button , a message appears  saying, “that there was an error and that there is no page available”. What a bunch of garbage! I contacted Newsvine three times and have not received a response! So Tyler, since you seem to be the man who all of those on the left fear on Newsvine ,then I’m directing this article to you, and if you are not the top dog than it’s directed toward them. Either way man up and do the right thing! Restore Relentless Comedy’s article apologizes for the foolishness on your part and come clean ones and for all. But no more nonsense like what you commented on, because quite frankly your own words just don’t add up!

I don’t expect for you to allow this one to stay up either, but every time you CENSOR us you make a FOOL out of Your-self! So in the words of the only great President we have had in the last 30 years, President Ronald Reagan, “GO AHEAD MAKE MY DAY” and yes I know it was Clint Eastwood who first said the line, But for you foolish, naïve,every little word fault-finding little MSNBC NEWSVINER, it was his words to Congress!


2 Responses

  1. OMG! Yes, Tyler is something else. Not to mention, he is TWENTY THREE years OLD!

    Let me ask you this – how much did YOU know at 23? As for me, literally NOTHING!

    Yet this little liberal pissant censors ANYONE on newsvine who does not toe the party line!

  2. Don’t feel too sorry for Relentless Comedy. I thought he was a friend but he turned out not to be a very good one. He went about attacking other conservatives on another site.

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