Health Care Reform, Just Another Sad Week In America

I have sat back and listened to what is being said about this historic legislation, and the great accomplishment of President Obama and the  Democratic party. I have also listened from the pro-Obama news media as well as from Obama, Pelosi, and the Democratic leadership. What happened to Stupack and Dennis Kucinish? Dingle went on to say how they needed to get everything in order to be able to control us. Al Sharpton said we all knew what we were getting when we voted for Socialist president. Even though not one Republican voted for Health Care Reform, on Monday  President Obama was still campaigning and selling Americans as to his and the Democrats great piece of legislation that went against what the majority of Americans wanted, but none the less was done for our own good.

After the president signed it, a total of 13 attorney general from across the U.S. filed law suit, to its legality. Only to hear the state-run news media telling us how it will fell. I could understand why someone who works hard for a living to provide for their family that doesn’t make enough money to afford health care insurance and makes too much money to qualify for Medicaid would see this as something positive. On the other hand I can also see how a twenty something year old will now be forced not only to buy health insurance but also  have to subsidize others by paying higher premiums. Or in my case, I haven’t had a physical exam in over 33 years and I’m now pushing 50.  I for one will tell you I will not be purchasing any health insurance.

What really gets to me is how the big insurance companies are going to make out in this deal. Yes I know what the Republicans are saying that this is just a ploy to get single payer by the Democrats, and how  employers will rather pay the penalty and stop providing health insurance for their employees because it will be cheaper for them. And how in the end the poor insurance companies wont be able to compete with the government single payer system. You know what, I could care less if all these “too big to fail”  Global corporations that are American in name only were to disappear. This is the kind of nonsense that hurts the Republicans and makes them look like if they were out of touch with what many Americans see as a problem with the insurance companies.

Now we find the Democratic leadership as well as the state-run news media attacking Americans for exercising their constitutional rights to free speech. They the Democrats has turned this into a war of words, with the hopes to censoring Americans who find their actions as being un-American, by going against the will of the people and giving the same Insurance companies who they are always condemning an early Christmas present  in the form of mandating that every American must purchase insurance.

They have made accusations as to those they call  hate mongers, Beck, Rush, Hannity,Levin, and Savage as to raising decension. At the same time, those who listen to them as ignorant, right-wingers, bible carrying Jesus fanatics, and conspiracy theory  paranoid and delusional.  Only because we don’t agree with the policies that our leaders are making and are peacefully demonstrating and allowing our voices to be heard.

They will try to find negative things to report about those Americans that are oppose to what we believe is a deliberate destruction of the American way of life and the destruction of our great nation. So if they can’t find anything, they will then have to use their news media to create lies about what isn’t happening. This is so clear that unless a person is so brain washed into  believing what ever they are fed by what these days passes as news, that it becomes sad, pathetic and un-believable about what is happening in America today.

Fidel Castro of Cuba applauded President Obama, and the Democrats for Health Care Reform as well as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. I guess this makes it official we are now in a road that is well liked by the former Communist Dictator Fidel Castro of Cuba and wanna  be dictator of Venezuela Hugo Chavez. At the same time here in Miami, Florida, Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio, staged a protest walk against Castro’s Cuba human right violations of those that oppose the totalitarian regime policies. It was a huge turn out in little Havana, with huge amounts of people protesting what is happening 90 miles off our shores. The last time we saw this many people protesting was back during the Elian Gonzalez ordeal.

I ask myself, where is the Congressional Black Caucus? They always seem to defend the Castro Cuban government and its fairness in race relations, yet I didn’t hear a word about what happened to A Cuban who happened to be black but didn’t agree with the policies of Castro’s Cuba. Who was jailed, beaten and eventually died at the hands of Castro’s goons. Where were they for Orlando Zapata Tamayo? Danny Glover, Sean Penn,Michael Moore, Benecio Del Toro, how come I haven’t heard anything from you? It is easy to live in America, be rich like the above and claim how great Socialism and Communism is, but until they live it like a native, they don’t have a clue. Look at what happens to those that are in disagreement with Castro’s policies and how they end up paying for it with their lives!

Is this the way America is headed? Is the White House and Democratic leadership trying to stop all forms of free speech? Are they fabricating lies as to those that oppose their political ideology and attempting to take a page out of Castro’s own handbook as too eliminating the opposition? What’s next, the Fairness Doctrine?

Since the only ones that are truly showing hatred and seem to be  listening and believing the lies they are being fed can be found at MSNBC Newsvine, these radical left-wing Progressives who all they do on a regular basis is show hatred toward Conservatives and attack them on a daily basis just because we believe in GOD,  in free speech, rights to bare arms, are pro-life, don’t believe in “too big to fail” and believe that terrorist that are trying to kill Americans are our enemies and should be treated as such in addition to wanting our borders to be protected. They can’t accept that we would disagree with President Obama.

All the articles that get moved up on MSNBC Newsvine are the ones that attack anything that might resemble a Conservative world view. Don’t believe me, visit MSNBC Newsvine and see for yourself the constant attacks toward Republicans, Tea Party goers, and Conservatives.  Beck and Rush are their prime target as well as Michele Bachman, Michele Malkin, Ann Coulter, and lets not forget Palin, Cheney, Rove , Bush and Fox News. They are obsessed with attacking anyone who disagrees with President Obama and his world view for America. Any time that someone writes an article which calls out their hypocrisy they censor them and claim that its  due to the  “code of  conduct” which they only use against Conservatives or those that oppose President Obama’s policies.

In Florida Republican Senate race between Governor Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio, it’s heating up. Rubio is leading by a wide margin of 20% over the Progressive Republican governor who backed McCain during the 2008 Presidential elections, and embraced President Obama stimulus. They will have a their first debate Sunday morning on Fox News hosted by Mike Wallace. This should be interesting.  By the way Florida’s un-employment numbers are above 12%.

Sarah Palin is campaigning for John McCain in Arizona’s race for the U.S. Senate against Conservative J.D. Hayworth. I have a question why isn’t Palin backing the real conservative in the race? I do understand that she should be grateful for McCain introducing her to the national scene, but she is doing a disservice to Americans. She campaigns at Tea Party rallies, yet she is backing McCain who is in favor of granting amnesty to the illegal immigrants, something that for the most part those who attend the Tea Party rallies are against. What is it, did Palin sell out already? Or is it that she didn’t make enough money on her book? I heard that she signed a multi-million dollar deal with the Discovery Channel to do a reality show, what’s next?

This should be a wake up call for all true Conservatives, we shouldn’t place someone into the role of leadership or spoke person to our cause unless they first prove themselves. Are we looking for a true leader or are we trying to be like the Democrats and find our Obama. Hasn’t this last year proven anything to us? Are we just going to elect someone because they are charismatic? Or do we want to elect a real person that can lead our country and unite us, and do what is best for America? Lets not make the same mistake twice! Wake Up America before it’s too late!


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