Marco Rubio, Florida’s Next U.S. Senator

Let me give you my take, Marco Rubio will be our next U.S. Senator out of the state of Florida. As a life long Florida native this is how I see it. First, Charlie Crist is a typical politician that goes along to get along, meaning to further his own political career. He campaigned for John McCain during the 2008 elections, and then gave a warm embrace to president Obama and toured around the state with him during the so-call stimulus that hasn’t done anything for Floridians.

He has been an ineffective Governor for our state. The official unemployment numbers are way off. When you realize that our state has the largest number of self-employed people in the nation you can begin to understand. They are not being counted in the numbers, why because the majority of them never paid for unemployment insurance. So when they find themselves without work they are not eligible to apply for unemployment compensation and don’t appear in the numbers.

Marco Rubio is well-known and viewed very positive by many here in S. Florida where he first was a city councilman, and then went on to become a state legislature. Where the state got to know him. He is articulate and has common sense, will not hold back and when pushed, he will push harder. To Pat Buchanan’s credit he was the first to shine a positive light on Rubio, followed by George Will. He than received an endorsement from Mike Huckabee who he campaigned for in the 2008 elections. Since that moment, Marco Rubio has just shot up in the polls and now has a very comfortable lead over Charlie Crist.

Florida during the boom years in housing did quite well,construction is a major industry in the state. It did well as did the related trades within it. Small to medium size cabinet shops flourished throughout the state. These days you drive to any industrial park in the state, and they are practically vacant. Strip malls, shopping centers, all you see are for lease signs.Travel and hospitality industry are also hurting. Ft. Myers at one point had unemployment in the mid 20th’s.

The so call stimulus hasn’t done anything for the local economy. Just last week the police and firefighters were fighting for their pensions that are in the works to be drastically reduced or eliminated. Teachers, the state wants their pay to be tied up with the student FCAT scores, they also were protesting in the state capital. The state is hurting, S.Florida two major counties, Miami Dade and Broward are run by crooks. There is always one scandal after another.

To top this off, last year in Miami Dade, the commissioners voted to build a new stadium for the Florida Marlins. They tore down the old Orange Bowl Stadium to build a new one. All this at tax payers expense. Mine you no one goes out to see the Florida Marlins play. Attendance is usually 15,000 or so. Jackson Memorial Hospital is broke, and finished letting go over 4000 employees. We had just two state trooper manning Palmetto Expressway in Miami Dade county as of last December. So over all, our politicians are living quite well. The same as those that are into committing mortgage fraud, Medicaid, Ponzi schemes, and staged accidents. We also rank in these practices as one of the highest in the nation.


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