The Transformation Of America

An article I read in the Washington Times, written by Wesley Pruden “Shunning the party whiners” gets to the point of what many Americans are seeing these days from our leaders in Washington D.C. I view and hold responsible our current administration as well as the media.  That attempts on daily basis to create tension among the left vs. right. They add fuel to the fire on a regular basis as  seen everyday all across America. My question is when are we going to realize that “we the people” are being played? In the end who does this profit?  Not us the American people, that’s for sure. Pay close attention to the words our elected officials on both sides of the aisle are saying, and then look and see what they are doing.

If those politicians on the radical left continue to abuse the system, meaning our laws for their radical transformation for America, then I do believe that there will be many from the radical right that will react in ways that will only hurt all Americans. Yet everyday I hear more and more ordinary law-abiding citizens that feel so disillusioned with the way they see our country headed, that I honestly can’t see the future getting better anytime soon. Unless we as a nation wake up and realize that we are continually lied to, by both political parties that don’t care about us, and only care of  their own one world government agenda in which we will end up losing our country.

What has really changed from Bush to Obama? Bush had a Fascist world view that got us into two wars and gave us the Patriot Act, “too big to fail” and Obama. Under Obama we are still at war, the Patriot act is still in place, we continue Bush’s policies of  “too big to fail”. In addition to new Health Care Reform,  and our expanding government which means more control of us by them. President Obama is moving quicker than Bush in taking away our rights and at the same time leading us down the road for a one world government. The way I see it they are both working toward the same agenda. One is coming from the right the other from the left.  Either way they each end up  destroying our country from within.  Killing our economy making people more dependent on government. They win we lose.

Look how many people are angry these days, more so than at any time in my life. Bush Sr. during the Gulf war made the statement “we are now entering into a new world order.” Clinton got elected and gave us N.A.F.T.A and Most Favor Nation status with China. Those two legislation right there killed the American worker and the American Small Business owner in two shots.

Then comes along Jr. and we get the housing bubble, $4.00 plus gas, major profit for the oil industry, bankruptcy laws were changed for what was later to come. The “too big to fail”, and now Hope And Change. Which is turning out to be more in the way of, are we going to have any  “hope of seeing any change” left in our pockets once they are through with their radical transformation.  Folks all that we see happening is not by chance but rather a well plan out attack by the Puppet Masters to enslave us all into a one world government.

Al Gore who thinks that us mere human can actually destroy what the ALMIGHTY created is a bit amusing. Temperatures have always fluctuated. I say lets follow the money and see who gains the most to prosper from ” Cap and Trade legislation.” Always those who will prosper the most will scream the loudest and fabricate data to further their cause. Like what happened in U.K. last fall with the data that discredited all the nonsense that Al Gore has preached to the tune of close to a Billion dollars with his religion of  “Global Warming / Climate Change” since leaving office in 2000.

I believe most Americans are already being wise stewards of our planet’s resources. Yet every data that is out there, that is pushing for “Cap and Trade” is nothing more than another government plan to control us. While at the same time being a Ponzi scheme. In addition to controlling us, just follow the money trail that leads to Corporate America, grants to universities professors that write data to support the government’s agenda, and lets not forget G.E.  What about our neighbor to the South of us, Mexico? Why will China and India get a pass. Remember this past fall the Canadian Journalist that suggested that we should all take the road of China’s one child policy. This isn’t about the environment, it’s about money and control. It always is.

An article on FOX by Dan Gainor “The 5 Craziest Attacks on Tea Parties” shows the tactics and accusations being leveled out against Americans. The reason for all this is to stiffen our free speech and our rights to assembly. They are on an all out attack against conservative radio talk show host as well as anyone of us that speaks out against their agenda and peacefully assemble in protest against them. They will make up lies send it out to the media, call us racist, hate mongers anything that they think could get us to react in a negative way. This is a typical tactic that has been used and will continue to be used. All dictatorial governments use these tactics in their early days while taking control away from its citizens.

We have an opportunity to make a difference come this November, lets use the time we have from now to then to choose individuals that will represent the interest of the American people. Not picking winners and losers or favoring global corporations that are American in name only, but rather allowing regular Americans to be able to dream once again and start new businesses here at home that will provide jobs for Americans. Making trade policies that grows jobs here in the U.S. While ending corporate welfare which is what we have seen more and more of in the last three decades. No more “too big to fail” bailouts!

To bad that so many people will rather play party politics that divides our nation, as oppose to the truth that is right in front of them. The word “division” wasn’t created just to be used against Republicans or Conservatives. This word should be used when ever and to who ever is doing it. The problem is, that for too many of us, it”s easier to see the speck in our neighbors eye, than the plank in our own”. Hatred is an awful thing, it doesn’t matter who is doing it, it’s wrong. Wake up folks and realize we are being played, by the politics of division, a family divided will not stand as well as a country divided won’t either.

Wow, so much hatred, from who? To say that most people who attend “Tea Party ” rallies are racist and discriminate against non- Christian and gays is so naive, that unless you have been a sleep for the past two years you can’t actually make that statement. You than by your own words become part of the propaganda that is created just for the purpose of dividing Americans. Left against Right, which is orchestrated by the Puppet Masters regardless of who’s in office.

When are we going to realize that we are being played? How much more will it take for Americans to realize that we have been headed in the wrong directions for the past two decades. When will we realize that, neither party cares about us, that what moves the world are the Global Corporations, that are not loyal to anyone country or people. That wars makes money, that bubbles in our economy are created by them to make them richer and us poorer. And if by some chance one of these Global American in name only Corporation fails, we are all here to rescue them for the simple fact that they are “too big to fail”.

What has changed in this aspect since President Obama took office? Nothing, he just finished rewarding the same insurance companies that he campaigns to Americans calling them greedy, giving them an estimated 30 million new customers, mandating to us that we have to buy coverage, or be fined or imprisoned. So the way I see it, we just changed brands, from Coca Cola Classic to Pepsi. It the same old thing, they win we all lose.

There are many people in our country that could be called racist and that do believe in stupid things, but do you mean to say that this honor only holds true toward republicans, tea party goers, or conservatives like me? Come on now, that is like placing the wagon ahead of the horse.

An article in “American Thinker, written by Ed Kaitz ” Listen to the Panther” This is so true, living  here in S.Florida and knowing so many people who are of Cuban decent, this is what they tell me all the time. They can’t believe what they are seeing happening these days in our country. You speak to those that actually saw their businesses and homes confiscated,or had family members imprisoned or murdered by firing squads and you get an entirely different perspective than what is told to us by professors in college or by the likes of the Hollywood elites or our own Congressional Black Caucus. This was an interesting read and like Eldridge Cleaver  it would do Sean Penn good to see Cuba like a native, maybe he to would also have a change of heart toward the reality of communism and the destruction of the human spirit.

None of what is happening is by chance or ignorance on the part of  this administration. They know exactly what they are doing. I believe President Obama called it a “transformation”. I call it tyranny.


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  1. Good grief brother, you have been very buys. Nice post(s).

    Keep up the good work. I gotta take more time as opposed to a cursory as I’m doing right now.

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